Music Mondays: Ranking the Hunter x Hunter (2011) EDs


Some of the best shounen themes out there. Let’s break down why they’re so great… Read more of this post


Music Mondays: Shocking Lemon


A band whose sound and influence marked the 00’s era of anime.
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Random Ramblings: Losing Interest


Fried chicken without the seasoning…
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Kefka’s Winter Season Round-Up (2016)


With the spring season already well underway, it’s time for me to recall what I thought of the Winter season shows I completed. Some quick thoughts on these series and a basic score at the end of each review. I want to get this over with so I can watch some airing shows… Read more of this post

Music Mondays: Dimension W

[DeadFish] Dimension W - 07 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_23.27_[2016.03.07_09.34.29]

With the series finally getting into the meat and bones of it’s own plot, I think it’s time we should throw some appreciation to Dimension W’s favorable intro and ending themes.  Read more of this post

Random Ramblings: “Relatability”


“If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world.” ― Mercedes Lackey Read more of this post

The Marathon: Round 2


Reviewing shows I watched nearly a year ago. Oh boy…

The idea of the “Marathon” series was to make some quick conclusive reviews about shows I had recently marathoned and to combine them into one post. I made the Round 1 post like a year ago. So this is gonna be hard, but I should be able to jog my memory a bit. It’s unfortunate that all of the shows in this round aren’t in the slightest bit interesting for me to write about.  Read more of this post

Random Ramblings: The Information Age in Anime

vlcsnap-7622090Hack the planet ya Gaijin.

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Random Ramblings: Niche


It’s been a while. Let’s ramble about what this word means within the Anime Industry.

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Anime Binge I – Lacendeus



Guess I can catch up on Doctor Who too

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