Noragami: Episodes 9 & 10

Flash Ratings: Up; 9/10 – Unchanged; 9/10.

This series falls under one of the top series for this season. Give it a peek.

Episode 9

Yato is on the verge of death and is not allowed to be near Kofuku. While Hiyori’s blight is cleansable, Yato requires three Regalia to perform a cleansing ceremony for Yukine or they will both perish. Mayu and Kazuma end up agreeing to the ablution of Yukine in order to help him repent his sins and clear the blight.


Episode 10

With Yukine and Yato fully recovered, Yukine takes up a part time job working for Daikoku. Hiyori invites both Yukine and Yato to the Tanabata festival with her friends but ends up getting lured into a trap by Nora while Yukine and Yato end up springing a trap set by the mysterious spirit man. After a fight with phantoms that lasts all night, Yato and Yukine are finally able to meet up with Hiyori who suddenly doesn’t know who they are.



Episode 9 was an intense tear jerker. I was honestly blown away when Yukine is convinced to repent his sins. I wasn’t necessarily prepared for the feels and it caught me off guard and tissues were used. The tenth episode wasn’t much anything but developing the conflict between Nora and Yato.

What it comes down to is that Noragami has surpassed my expectations once again. Episode 9 continues the ongoing conflict between Yato and Yukine but still leaves us unclear as to Yato’s complete intentions of keeping around Yukine. Yukine obviously has a dark history while he had been living (which was made clear when Yato was crying after finding Yukine), but we aren’t exactly sure what makes him so special besides his, “potential.” Nora mentions that Yukine has been making Yato soft and plans to rid Yukine from Yato. There is also still that huge bit of mystery surrounding Hiyori that makes her a rare case of half-phantom even though she could see Yato even before her accident. Of course, Nora also plans on eliminating Hiyori as well as she has a huge impact on Yato’s behavior. We also can’t shrug the fact that Kazuma is in debt to Yato for whatever reason. It’s been fairly far into the series yet there are still many questions left unanswered.

I couldn't contain my feels.

I couldn’t contain my feels.

The ablution scene was the major point in the series for me. It had been very clear through the series so far that characters are immensely critical to the success of this series based on the development surrounding Yukine and even that of Hiyori. This particular scene was surprisingly intense with the juvenile Yukine repenting his sins because he had lost the will to live. It was a bit anticlimactic, however, that Hiyori had suddenly stepped in to urge Yukine to live, forcing him to realize what he really had and to continue trying to live out his existence.

Episode 10 didn’t hold much value in the story. Besides HIyori being hunted down by Nora, the major point of this episode was at the very end with Hiyori losing her memories. Great cliffhanger for next week.



Hiyori is an amnesiac and forgot all about her past. She runs into an old friend who is secretly from her past and is tormented by her amnesia. Hiyori is haunted by her past until things go crazy. Go watch Golden Time.

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