Coppelion Episode 7

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We have liftoff!

This week Coppelion finally introduces a huge piece of the plot! What was once a question has earned it’s answer through patience: What in the world the 1st Division was up to?

Having left off from episode 6, where Ibara and the Ghosts leader being downed by a tank round, Ibara is administered CPR and appears to be having a bad case of shrapnel damage. She is quickly transported back to the planet dome while the leader (who appears to be completely unscathed) is taken into Coppelion custody. Ibara required a blood transfusion to prevent major blood loss and Haruto is the only Coppelion member that is compatible; as it turns out, each Coppelion member per year share the same blood type with their classmates.  I understand the concept of this but the purpose isn’t explained since Ibara is teamed up with members who are junior to her.

Aoi feels responsible for Ibara’s injury and tries to seclude herself in her room. All the while, Haruto interrogates the Ghost’s leader and discovers their purpose for attacking civilians and stealing contaminated wastes: they are planning on combusting the sarcophagus (ground zero of the radiation contamination) to spread the nuclear fallout all across Japan and various parts of the world. That was their key intention of kidnapping Aoi during the events of the previous episode. The Coppelion crew pursue the 1st Division to prevent the act of terrorism but are wary they may be falling into a trap. It seems there are more players in this game than anticipated. Kanon and Shion join the fight!

My Thoughts:

FINALLY SOME DIRECTION! Last episode seemed to open up some new possibilities leading to the events here. The first 5 episodes still seem like an overdramatic introduction into the series and the pacing was aggravating to say the least. But alas, new characters and the major conflict has been revealed! I’m not saying that the show is showing any sign of improvement but things have definitely gotten much more interesting. I have a sense of impending doom however, Haruto doesn’t seem all too trustworthy and then there is Ibara’s unusual connection to him. The scene where Haruto is administering CPR looked far too romantic than it really should have been, and also Ibara’s reaction to hearing that she received his blood for her transfusion was a bit questionable. Of course… You can’t have a great story without a little bit of romance peppered around right?

Oh yeah, finally the new challengers appear! The two girls that are fighting during the intro finally show up! Two super strong sisters, one wielding a gun and our favorite Railgun. I love my girls with a side of psycho.

Predictions for next week:

Fight fight fight fight fight Fight fight fight fight fight Fight fight fight fight fight Fight fight fight fight fight Fight fight fight fight fight Fight fight fight fight fight Fight fight fight fight fight Fight fight fight fight fight.

Oh and since the pacing for this show is just so so bad… I’m anticipating a short recap episode on the past 2 episodes after 15 minutes of nothing. Or… fighting.

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