Music Mondays: Ranking the Hunter x Hunter (2011) EDs


Some of the best shounen themes out there. Let’s break down why they’re so great… Read more of this post


Music Mondays: Shocking Lemon


A band whose sound and influence marked the 00’s era of anime.
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Music Mondays: DOROHEDORO Original Soundtrack


Yes. That’s right. A manga has a soundtrack. Sick.

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Music Mondays: Dimension W

[DeadFish] Dimension W - 07 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_23.27_[2016.03.07_09.34.29]

With the series finally getting into the meat and bones of it’s own plot, I think it’s time we should throw some appreciation to Dimension W’s favorable intro and ending themes.  Read more of this post

Anime Music Mondays: The Human Touch

AMM Human Touch prototype

On this week’s Monday, we are tuning on one of the most underrated Gundam series, X. Followed up by one of my personal favorite Outros. The Human Touch originally performed by vocalist and singer, Warren Wiebe. Which later was translated into Japanese and performed by Re-Kiss’ Mika Okudoi. I found the lyrics of this song very soothing, romantic and deeply sentimental. I hope you guys enjoy! Read more of this post

Music Monday: BRADIO


BRADIO (“Break the Rule And Do Image On”) is a blossoming Rock/Funk band making big waves for creating probably the catchiest anime opening this year. Here’s a summary of their currently released EPs and Flyers. Read more of this post

Music Mondays: Black Lagoon Electronic Boogaloo


A feature on Proxy’s song “Who Are You?” and it’s connection to Black Lagoon.

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12/4 Waifu Wednesday (Musical Waifu)

Sawa Okita (Tari Tari)

This weeks theme as mentioned in the title is musical waifus. The aim was to pick someone from an anime whose central focus was music, whether it be an idol group or being in a band. Notable shows are, Nodame Cantible, K-On, and iDOLM@STER to name a few.  The show from which this week nomination is from is Tari Tari.

The person chosen from Tari Tari is Sawa Okita. Sawa is a super stylish affable brunette from Tari Tari. She is 17 and part of Konatsu Miyamoto’s choir club.  She was chosen this week with respect to her personality and appearance. Her personality is pretty realistic in terms of her friendliness with her peers. Her relationship with Wakana is one thing that helps to add to her realness as a person. She is usually seen wearing some stylish clothes with a western and a little European influence. This works as Japan as well as the rest of the world draws influences from other cultures. Most notable about her is her fashion, and she is in the archery club. She aspires to be a horse rider, despite her father’s disapproval.

Next weeks theme will be waifus in suits. So dust off your collection of powerful business women, and get to nominating. Post in the comments down below. Criteria for “suits:” the suits have to be western themed, meaning business or professional uniform. 

Cloo and Crucifix’s Top Anime OPs/EDs of Summer 2013


With another season of anime coming to a close, it’s always a good idea to look back and listen to the themes which made it what it was. A good number of opening and ending themes this season got the attention of cloo and myself, so we decided to collaborate in a way to rank our favorites. Please take note that these lists are just our own separate opinions. In no way are they “fact”. We just love the music that accompanies the shows we follow and it never hurts to lay down on pen and paper (in this case a video) what we feel are great songs that fit the show’s presentation or hype. So without further ado, I hope you enjoy our videos and can somehow take into consideration how important these songs can be thematically to a viewer’s experience when watching anime. Read more of this post