Hardcore gamer and resident Korean. I’m not quite sure when I really got into anime but I’ve always been a very huge fan of asian culture. I love the make the most out of my interests and hobbies such as competitive gaming or playing the guitar in a band. If I had to compare myself to a figure in anime I guess I could be relatable to Haruhi Suzumiya: very passionate and goal oriented but I expect most things to be done for me.

I try to stray far away from being labeled as an otaku and even further from weeaboo… ironic huh?

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The youngster of the group. Anime has been one of my hobbies for most of my childhood and adult life. Growing up with Toonami, Naruto, and casually attending conventions since 2005, it wasn’t until late 2008 when I really started to indulge myself in a lot of shows. Since then, I’ve been keeping up with the scene and tapped into what pleases my anime palate. I tend to stick to the seinen genre, interesting art styles, some mecha, and the occasional romance. Traveling the spectrum for some time, I’ve built up an optimal mindset when writing to be as unbiased as possible and to accept what I write as only equivalent to my experience with the medium. So with that said, I personally think I suck at this.

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The odd one out. I should be out doing some grand career, but I’m here writing about anime and things I like. Anime started out as an after school hobby, then as I met more people it evolved into something more for me. I think being able to share it is something that makes me feel alive, and gives me a voice I do not portray often. Apart from anime, Soccer and Reading used to occupy my time.I like to learn something from the stories in anime and fiction alike, because I feel there is something valuable in each one that can contribute to my identity.

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