Wizard Barristers Case 5 – “Six Nine”

Can you dig it?!

The Macal Cult begins their plot…

Flash Rating: 6; The development is feels strange, dont know if this is good or bad.


The Sharks need Cecil to take a case on their behalf, and the Macal Cult begin to move.


The cases thus far seem to be only minor to the premise of Wizard Barristers. Cecil is at the center of this story and secret forces manipulate her situation to fulfill an ancient prophecy. It is likely her mother’s jailing was employed to get her into a vocation that would facilitate her magical awakenings.

Why is she so important though? How does she have the ability to awaken multiple magics?

I am surprised Cecil was not suspicious of Shizumu willingly sharing information, when he is on the other side. Until now, the police were cold to the wizard barristers. Of course, we know why.

I feel the cases are meant to develop Cecil into a proper Benmashi (Wizard Barrister), but they are too short, and she always receives assistance from one of her seniors, which ultimately wins the case for her, without her having done much. I do not know if the story will continue this way, but if so, a lot of things might be forced which would end up making the flow unnatural and possible cause the story to flop along the way. I would like to see it go well, but so far I cannot say that  the story is progressing well at this point. This may just be my selfish ramblings, but I think it should be worth note. We’ll just have to wait and see how Cecil grows, maybe I’m judging too soon.

This episode had another Easter egg reference to Mezzo Forte with the bowling Alley and a murder in the bathroom. Another thing to note is the shorthaired redhead that is bowling with the Sharks at the beginning of the episode looks a lot like, Chango Ho from the Korean manhwa, The Breaker.

Nice little Michael Jackson tribute at the end of the episode.


I have no words for the next episode…

What stands out to you as you watch Wizard Barristers?

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