Robert “shiftyeyes/Lacendeus” Olioliolio

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shiftyeyes- This was not a name of my creation but of my friend’s design, because in high school whenever I laughed I would squint or close my eyes, to avoid any awkward staring. My friend found this similar to Wobbuffet, so I believe that is where the name came from.

Lacendeus – In order to find something of my own, I looked to celestial bodies for inspiration, I found some of Saturn’s moons interesting, and eventually took interest in Enceladus. Using an anagram generator, I decided on Lacendeus, and use that from time to time if shiftyeyes is taken.

 I am an American born Nigerian; I suppose you can say first generation since my parents came from Nigeria. I lived on the east coast pretty much all of my life, from the DC to Connecticut to Florida, and then I moved to Texas. My crowning achievement in high school was the Student of the Year Award. My hobbies included reading, soccer, watching anime, and playing video games.

Why anime?

I just like anime, sometimes it is an escape from reality, sometimes events in anime can change how I perceive something as well. There are many reasons to watch anime, but overall its enjoyment.

I don’t know what my favorite series are; I like a lot of shows, Outlaw Star, Shinsekai Yori, FLCL to name a few. I got into anime with the help of the first friends I made when I moved to Florida; I started with Dragonball Z, Ronin Warriors, and even a little Sailor Moon. Then as I grew up my tastes changed, but I am still willing to watch almost anything with friends. The one thing I can say I like about anime I have watched recently is the main characters are strong-willed and determined when it comes to their goals; I myself lack this quality.

NPC was created because Cloo, Crucifix and myself wanted to try to do something related to anime, blogging seemed the most accessible thing to do at the time with no formal training. There are jobs in theCarl Sagan industry that we could consider, and this could be a way of starting a portfolio that could make us desirable to potential employers.

I also play a little osu!.

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