William “Kefka, Crucifix” Bell


Hey there. My name’s Will. Around these parts they call me crucifix or kefka. The former name stems from my old xbox live gamertag ‘I0 CruciFiX 0I’; pretty silly huh? The origin of it isn’t anything to be too proud of. At the time I had been known to spew random facts of religious knowledge. Maybe it’s because I went to several prestigious catholic schools? I’m really not sure why some facts from that religion stuck with me but they did and after some egging on from a friend the name stuck. I’ve gone by other handles like “gauvyen” on twitter and youtube but that was just to avoid being known simply as crucifix everywhere else. I don’t really care much as to what people call me but if they were to ask my name or alias I’m 100% comfortable with them calling me Will, kefka, or cruc.

Coming from a filipino american background, it was pretty inevitable that I would be introduced to the anime and manga scene. Like a lot of others, I had Toonami as my first experience with Japanese Animation. Although, it was my die hard older cousins/friends that really got me to understand how cool it all was. 8-10 kids in one room, sitting legs crossed, watching gundam or sailor moon on a big CRT-TV, with a little baby crucifix left completely baffled as to what was going on. It was the first sense I had as a kid where I could relate to something with other people my age. To this day I still can bring up some ghetto anime series with those guys and they’ll be happy enough to go on a nostalgia trip with me or teach me more about it.

After the early 2000’s, I got into the Naruto craze but dropped out before Shippuden came out. In between ‘05 and ‘08 my knowledge of anime was somewhat adequate thanks to my sister showing me Haruhi, Gurren Lagann, and the occasional tag team mocking of Gundam Seed. Once I watched a little show called Toradora! and my middle school self fell in love with the romance genre. So, after some time, I decided to follow Bakemonogatari as it aired and the rest is history. I was hooked on anime; well, I guess you could say mostly hooked on openings and ending themes. I started listening to a lot of AnimeNfo radio thanks to hanging around the section with broadcasters like iMoogle and Vensito. Now I’m always up to date on what’s released.

A few of my hobbies include making videos, watching twitch streams, listening to a LOT of different genres of music, and making new friends. There’s not much to explain when talking about how I got to know about aniblogging, criticism, and the stupid over analyzing of Japanese culture. I browsed the internet and dived into how people treated shows via 4chan, myanimelist, video reviews, animeclub, twitter, and old school anime magazine writers. Everyone has different tastes and opinions. Accepting that is hard for a lot of us but for me it’s smooth like easy cheese.

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