We are a group of individuals who love to watch anime, discuss likes and dislikes, and play video games. We want to find something in life that we can enjoy doing, because following the logical way to go through life, finding a vocation that pays well, but may not be something that we entirely enjoy would make life comfortable, but not as rewarding. We come from different backgrounds, but we have all come to the same conclusions through our life experiences, we may not have been alive that long, so for us to say we want to do something different is illogical to some, but to us it’s worth it. We grew up disabused of taking unnecessary risks, just to stick to a plan for life to make things easier on ourselves. In all honesty, that is the way to do it, so that you do not have unnecessary woes; so you can actually focus on what you want after that, but when does that come? After it is too late for you to enjoy the things you used to enjoy? We believe that we should enjoy what we love now, and find a way to make something out of it. It will be a struggle of course. We will do things we told ourselves we would never do and maybe even cast away our pride sometimes to get to our goal.

Ultimately, I believe we will be able to say it was well worth the journey; and we will have something we can look back at and be proud of. The way things are moving technology is becoming more prevalent. We see that as a way to make something out of what we like to do. This new paradigm is our chance to do something we like; some of us may have gone to college for unrelated degrees to what we are doing now, but what we learned outside of class about ourselves, about life, and responsibility, those are the important lessons. The critical thinking to guide our decision-making processes so that we can be sure to go through the rest of our lives without regrets is probably the most important take away. This is our ultimate goal, to come out of this without regrets, so we cannot fail, we intend to put our hearts into this, our blood sweat and tears will give way to something that allows us to be truly unique individuals. Our aim is to accomplish this here in the place we will now dub NeoParadigm City.