Golden Time Episode 11 – “Trouble Party”


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Banri expresses concern over his ability to pay for his and Kouko’s summer trip to the beach. Kouko reaffirms that she can pay for him but Banri declines, as it wouldn’t sit right with him. However when Banri brings up the subject of working part-time to earn the money, but Kouko adamantly rejects. She asserts that Banri working wouldn’t allow them to spend enough time together. Regardless, Banri is offered jobs from Chinami, the Tea Club, and Nana; ultimately taking Nana’s job offer as a way to repay her for role in his recovery. She has one stipulation though: “bring Mitsuo.” Banri keeps the job a secret from Kouko as she would disapprove. Banri uses a term paper as an excuse to deter Kouko from coming around.

Banri finds himself in doubt over his relationship with Kouko, because deep down he still has feelings for Linda. In an earlier scene, Banri was concerned that Linda might be in a close relationship with the Festival Club president. When Banri tried to confront the president on advice for where to go, he ended up getting advice on how to get laid at the beach.

The “job,” turns out to be a masquerade party for an acquaintance of Nana it seems. Banri finds himself dressed as a silver-haired maid, while Mitsuo finds himself in a pair of spandex. Mitsuo had the misfortune of being the celebrants toy for the night, while Banri serves drinks. Nana shows up in a Devil costume saying that she is the twin for the night, confusing Banri until he see another person in the same devil outfit. It turns out to be none other than Linda! The episode ends with Banri’s phone ringing in the changing room and Kouko looking at her phone concerned.


 The Nana twins really are setting up to wreck a relationship.

Banri’s musings illustrate his reservations about his relationship with Kouko also show that he is not fully committed to his relationship with Kouko. Banri also has concerns that Linda might be in a relationship with the president of the Festival Club. These thoughts are easy to read on his face, so it is only a matter of time before Kouko confirms her fear that Banri might actually have feelings for Linda. It does not help that Kouko has their high school photo.  All these events are setting up for a lot of drama to happen.

Kouko’s need to smother Banri, seems to show that she is trying to reaffirm for herself that Banri still loves her. Kouko’s actions show that she is insecure with Banri being around other women, which makes me wonder how she would treat Banri’s current situation considering the knowledge she has.

I cannot help but wonder what the real details behind Linda and Nana’s relationship. They both have the same first name, and their hairstyles are eerily similar. I feel there is much more going on between those two in the year that Linda knew Nana. These details may shed some light on Nana’s actions. She is knowingly putting Banri and Linda together, seemingly for the purpose of getting them together as a couple, even though it is quite apparent that Banri and Kouko are in a relationship already. Cruc also pointed out that Nana’s character is similar to the character Nana of another manga series. Both Golden Time and Nana also feature two girls of the same age whose names are Nana, who are two completely different people. This may be purposeful or coincidental.

Did anyone notice Miss Monochrome make an appearance?

GT EP11 SC20

On another note, Banri loosely looked Sakuya Izayoi, minus the bandage on his chin. Linda’s got some nice curves too.


Based on the previews, this party will push Banri and Linda close together creating some romantic tension. I am wondering how Banri will act considering he is trying to be the new Banri, with the feelings of the old Banri. This situation is setting up for some doubt in Banri’s mind, and it seems the end of the next episode will be a bombshell.

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Some goodies for the kiddies this Christmas, courtesy of Ryuvaio.

Devil #1

Devil #2



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