StagCast #1: Black Maps and Shiro Bakos

crucifix does a podcast all by himself about true detective, shirobako, and eeeesports.
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Rest in Peace Satoru Iwata

RIP IWATA SANUnexpected event recently occurred recently when Nintendo’s CEO and President Satoru Iwata passed away.

Thousands of fans around the world are mourning for the lost of the 55 year old visionary. Nintendo’s third president, Satoru Iwata has been battling cancer for some time. Iwata passed on July 11, 2015 due to bile duct growth according to Nintendo’s released statement. Read more of this post

Random Ramblings: The Spectator Spectrum

randomramblingssmashWhere do I stand amongst the crowd?

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Tales of Xillia – A First Look


Namco Bandai has always brought us, in my opinion good games. The Tales of Series has been one of my favourite games next to the titans of Nintendo; TLoZ and Mario. My first Tales game was Symphonia, and my brother and I fell in love with the game, with pretty fun characters, different battle for me at the time, and some new challenges that I had never been exposed to before.Moving on to this year, Tales of Xillia dropped at the beginning of this month and I have been playing it whenever I had the chance either after work or on a day off or after I finish a practice test. I cannot put down the game because I want to get all the achievements, so I guess I am a bit of an achievement hunter. At the moment, I am not too far into the game, I just completed the first Chapter in Milla’s story a few days ago, and have been on the grind to see if I could inch my way closer to being able to face off with the iconic “Devil Arms” monsters. Hard mode provides a nice challenge for that so I am trying more than usual to employ strategy to fell these foes. Read more of this post

The BakaTachi Podcast – Episode #001

It’s here ladies and gentlemen. After weeks of procrastination and insecurity about the group’s status as a whole, we’ve finally got everything going and concocted quite the podcast for you.

In our first official episode we talk about what anime we’ve been watching, what we are looking forward to watching this fall season, what we’ve been playing, the status of bakatachi, and of course the occasional babble about nothing particularly important in your world but what seemed important to us at the time. Read more of this post