Nagi no Asukara Episode 11

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.53_[2013.12.12_20.12.02]“…not only does Kaname show his incredible manliness, but Akari using her marriage as a representation to lull the sea god in order to take pity on the surface was incredibly moving…”

Kaname boldly confessed his feelings to Chisaki (LIKE A MAN) in front of her parents claiming it to be modest resistance (likely targeted towards Hikari). This puts tension between Kaname and Chisaki but while Hikari and Manaka are having their own set of difficulties they do not notice the awkward aura the other two are sharing. The Shioshi kids decide to rebel against their ena hardening and break their fast, trusting that their display during the Ofunehiki can save the surface while avoiding the sleep that they fear. Miuna makes attempts to try to force Akari to go back to Shioshishio to survive, but with the Oshiooshi fishing company finally coming to terms with the coming calamity and to help set up their final Ofunehiki, Akari proposes that she hold her wedding at the same time and that she will be the sacrifice during the ceremony.

My Thoughts:

I felt that this was a pretty powerful episode in the series. Not only did Kaname show his incredible manliness, but Akari using her marriage as a representation to lull the sea god in order to take pity on the surface was incredibly moving. The Shioshi kids rebelling against the ena hardening due to their fear of this mysterious sleep actually brought Hikari and Manaka closer together, though potentially pushing Kaname and Chisaki further apart. Miuna tries, in a child-like manner, to anger Akari in order to save her life and for a child to make that decision out of love is beyond words. There are many different ways to interpret what’s going on but I’m only going to delve into my thoughts and direction only a bit.



Kaname being the silent observer finally makes a stand for a bigger role in the story. I was thinking his efforts wouldn’t go in vain but based on the last scene of this episode, it only served as a catalyst for Chisaki. It isn’t to say his development wasn’t important, but that his involvement in the coming drama is undoubtedly going to be much more influential. We obviously won’t see Chisaki confessing her feelings have much effect (or at least I’m hoping it won’t) on Hikari since it’s clear he’s so head-over-heels for Manaka. This can lead to some really interesting drama and added tension between Hikari and Kaname.

There is one scene in particular that has a questionable atmosphere. After Hikari replenishes his ena and takes Tsumugu’s offer to break his fast, Manaka chases after him and expresses her fear of the calamity. Hikari and Manaka share a bit of a moment with each other and the scene lights up. Reading a few people talking about it on the anime subreddit, everyone has different interpretations of this. Personally, I think the two realized their situation and despite their changes and current tension, they still cared about each other and they still treated each other the same. I’m sure it would have taken a lot for Manaka to muster up the courage to face Hikari. Still it is unknown where her heart lies but it seems to be stronger in Hikari’s favor. We’ll find out next week about that and also, they never verbally said anything to either of each other during the whole “confession” scene.

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_10.56_[2013.12.12_19.56.47]

Miuna’s situation is pretty self-explanatory: she’s trying to push away Akari in order to save her life. Mari Okada (the author of this series) portrays Miuna so well during this whole arc. Miuna clearly has a child’s perspective on the whole situation and tries so hard to protect her loved ones. It’s heartbreaking to see her suffering but… this is only an animation. I gotta stop getting so worked up over this stuff! God, those tears.

I have this fear that things will go sour really fast. Akari is putting herself in the position as the Ofunehiki sacrifice and to present her love as a symbol to the sea god. Based on the pacing and overall emotions I’m getting from the series so far, there is bound to be some huge tragedy. However, winter is the season of love, so anything goes.

Courtesy Miuna

Predictions for Next Week:

The preview sounds like incredible amounts of drama, but last weeks preview was a bit misleading since this episode turned out to be more optimistic than expected. Chisaki might not get a chance to confess to Hikari since we hear his voice during the preview, or it may be that Hikari expresses his love for Manaka as a rejection to Chisaki. Either way, Hikari is confessing and Manaka is confused. How are things going to play out from here?


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