The BakaTachi Podcast – Episode #001

It’s here ladies and gentlemen. After weeks of procrastination and insecurity about the group’s status as a whole, we’ve finally got everything going and concocted quite the podcast for you.

In our first official episode we talk about what anime we’ve been watching, what we are looking forward to watching this fall season, what we’ve been playing, the status of bakatachi, and of course the occasional babble about nothing particularly important in your world but what seemed important to us at the time.

As unorganized as this may seem, I hope some of you remember that we’re just normal joes who watch anime and play video games. Never can we be TOO serious about things during our podcast. From now on I’m going to try and schedule times when we’ll do these things but I still can’t guarantee it due to everyone’s busy schedule. School’s coming up and even King is going to be busy commuting his kids every morning.

LINK DUMP: (stuff discussed in the show)

Fall anime charts: Neregate Chart Moetron Chart

The show Outsanity mentions called “Dero”: It’s kinda like saw but without the gore and white people.



Wlf’s Channel:

Our Channel:

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