Music Mondays: DOROHEDORO Original Soundtrack


Yes. That’s right. A manga has a soundtrack. Sick.

Dorohedoro is my favorite Manga. Don’t worry, I won’t go into why I like it or how I came upon it. I think it’s fair for most people to just experience it for themselves as it is, in a way, special amongst all of the popular long running mangas out there. Dorohedoro is a magical, action packed, gore filled, drama comedy written by mangaka Q Hayashida. Since 1999, it has been a popular manga for the metal heads and underground scene, but two months ago it separated itself from the bunch by headlining it’s own soundtrack with tracks made by artists selected by Hayashida herself. If you don’t like loud drone noises or breakcore then by all means skip this post. You probably won’t enjoy this soundtrack. If you’re an avid reader of Dorohedoro then this will be right up your alley.

What is so amazing is how well thought out and almost anime-esque this soundtrack is. Everything sounds just perfect as a backdrop to the story being told. It is extremely unlikely that we will ever see an Anime adaptation of Dorohedoro, but at least we got this very fitting soundtrack.

That’s all for this week. You can listen to the rest of the soundtrack on the MHz bandcamp and if you like it enough, buy a copy! Thanks for reading.



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