Tales of Xillia – A First Look


Namco Bandai has always brought us, in my opinion good games. The Tales of Series has been one of my favourite games next to the titans of Nintendo; TLoZ and Mario. My first Tales game was Symphonia, and my brother and I fell in love with the game, with pretty fun characters, different battle for me at the time, and some new challenges that I had never been exposed to before.Moving on to this year, Tales of Xillia dropped at the beginning of this month and I have been playing it whenever I had the chance either after work or on a day off or after I finish a practice test. I cannot put down the game because I want to get all the achievements, so I guess I am a bit of an achievement hunter. At the moment, I am not too far into the game, I just completed the first Chapter in Milla’s story a few days ago, and have been on the grind to see if I could inch my way closer to being able to face off with the iconic “Devil Arms” monsters. Hard mode provides a nice challenge for that so I am trying more than usual to employ strategy to fell these foes.

As far as the story is concerned, I suppose it is a little hackneyed. Milla goes on her mission to save mankind from itself, Jude inadvertently gets in the middle of the conflict and has to choose to live or die, and his world is turned upside down. He adjusts pretty well, and meets some pretty interesting people on the way. This journey to manhood seems similar to Lloyd’s trials in Tales of Symphonia, and can probably be likened to Luke’s troubles finding his place in the world, after he learns of how he came to be. I cannot comment much more on the story as I am still pretty far off from the end of the game.

The voice acting is something I have been hearing from different people. Mainly A LOT of griping over English VA cast, which is understandable. I myself wish the Namco Bandai could just translate the game for us, leaving it a literal as possible I suppose and leave us with the Japanese VA cast. I suppose this stems though, from watching subbed versions of anime as opposed to English dub, which has spoiled me to a degree, because I can no longer appreciate the talent the US has to offer in VA. I will probably receive some hate for this, but whatever. Milla’s VA is just fine, lisp and all. It is actually pretty attractive. The deep tone, and somewhat callousness is fitting Maxwell. It only makes sense. Compared to the Japanese VA, I do not see what the big deal is, because they are not so different. This is solely opinion based, so you do not have to agree with me. Although, I have my own gripes as well; Elize’s VA is terribly annoying, although for a 12 year old that makes sense, but I still cannot get over that, and Teepo, dear god Teepo. That voice is too much for me sometimes. Another voice that kind of bugs me is Alvin’s it reminds me of Snow’s VA from FFXIII, and Snow was a character that I came to dislike. Now to move on from VA rantings.

The battle system is pretty fun, I cannot really offer a well-informed view on it, but compared to the

Jude & Milla

Tales games I have played it is

most similar to the systems in Tales of Symphonia and Abyss. I had a lot of trouble adjusting to using the left stick to move, but after grinding a couple hundred battles I got the hang of it. The linking also adds a new facet to battles and adds more variety for strategy and planning, along with the skills that you can equip for characters to add certain abilities that will apply to the link partner. I have never been one to try to be too strategic when I played previous Tales games, but this has been the first game where I tried to consider more things before I go into battle.


The scenery and the clothing are pretty amazing looking; the details for a lot of the finer elements are really nice. The characters outfits actually move and give the feel of motion, whether the character is moving or if it is just a breeze bringing things to life. Each city has a different “sky clime” so each area has its own unique skyline, which adds to the visual appeal to the game. These elements for me have made the game pretty enjoyable, because there is always something new to expect in each city you go to.

Overall I think Tales of Xillia is a great game, although this is a preliminary look at the game, so this should not be read as an end all sort of thing. But I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys RPGs. On that note this “review” is done. Thanks for reading.

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