Railgun S Summer 2013 Series Review

Touma x Mikasa

Touma x Mikasa

It’s all about that Mikoto waifu! The relationship between the characters, more notably Misaka and Touma’s little love quarrel is what mostly caught my attention (Kuroko pls). In fact, I primarily enjoyed the Index series and universe how Touma hits the trope on the head going from (level) zero to hero. Misaka, the railgun, being one of the all powerful level 5s in Academy City ends up falling for Touma for his manliness. Not really. But he still comes out being pretty awesome. Read more of this post

Waifu Wednesday 9/25

The waifu of the week is Tohno Akiha.

Our resident Gundam Meister, Sentinelx3 has this to say about Akiha.


“If I had to pick a few words to describe her it’d have to be sweet, elegant and loving. She maybe a tad peevish but that hardly has any kind of impact on her greatness!
(Kind of like Rin Tohsaka but little less tsun-tsun!)”





Extra Akiha Goodness

Sunday Without God Summer 2013 Series Review

Oh yes

Oh yes

“God created the world on Monday, from a place of nothing into something.

God separated order and chaos on Tuesday, defining freedom and oppression.

God sorted each and every number on Wednesday, giving rise to wonderful and varied things.

God allowed time to flow on Thursday.

God looked at every corner of the world on Friday.

God rested on Saturday.

And God abandoned the world on Sunday.

Since that day fifteen years ago, no more men can bear children nor able to die.” Read more of this post

Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya Summer 2013 Series Review

Our main heroine! Illyasviel von Eisnbern

Note: This would be my very first anime review. Be gentle. There are spoilers included in this review. Read more of this post

Diabolik Lovers Episode 2

I’ve scaled back my episode reviews, so that its not so bookish.


So this episode was filled with so much cheese I had to take a dump cuz I’m lactose intolerant. I understand the general consensus on Yui being more or less manhandled by these guys, I mean she wakes up, after the previous events, and they are like “Yo bitch gimme some o’ dat Red!” WTF. The nicknames for Yui are getting a little annoying already, so I try to tune them out. ビッチ-ちゃん and ちちなち(not sure if I got that right) are just annoying to see, and I expect them to be my good friends as I trek down the winding road.

But on a serious note, they did a little to kind of give us information on Ayato, I guess this was logical since he has been calling dibs on Yui since Ep1. So there is a something somewhat good in this episode, a little mystery to keep the watcher intrigued amidst the hard to watch domination of Yui.

Seeing Ayato kinda just drink Yui so easily like that this ep was not satisfying in the least. I take back my comment on a throwback to Dracula and the macabre vampire lore. This just felt meh.

For the next episode it seems she will be interacting with Shuu, or Kanato I suppose. But we’ll have to wait and see.

See everyone next week



Cloo and Crucifix’s Top Anime OPs/EDs of Summer 2013


With another season of anime coming to a close, it’s always a good idea to look back and listen to the themes which made it what it was. A good number of opening and ending themes this season got the attention of cloo and myself, so we decided to collaborate in a way to rank our favorites. Please take note that these lists are just our own separate opinions. In no way are they “fact”. We just love the music that accompanies the shows we follow and it never hurts to lay down on pen and paper (in this case a video) what we feel are great songs that fit the show’s presentation or hype. So without further ado, I hope you enjoy our videos and can somehow take into consideration how important these songs can be thematically to a viewer’s experience when watching anime. Read more of this post

Diabolik Lovers Episode 1 Review

Firstly I haven’t played the otome game, so I’m coming into Diabolik Lovers blind. But I will try to consider the origins and how this can translate into the anime.

Diabolik Lovers Game Cover

The episode opens with the typical, main character arrives at new home in a car with luggage in hand, but something is off as her new home seems rather dreary. Yui Komori our protagonist seems like the run of the mill shoujo heroine.Blonde shoulder length hair with a flowery hair clip on the left side of her head, large pink eyes with a lot of shapes, slender delicate figure, but not much else is revealed about her. But she seems unfazed by the large house in front of her with ornate fountains and many rich features, so this may possibly play into her backstory. As soon as she enters the gates to the house it begins to pour outside and she runs to the house to seek shelter. She is puzzled that no one was aware of her arrival, she soon sees someone laying on a couch in the foyer.

At this point it is unannounced to her that she is moving in with 6 brothers, and upon meeting one of them, Ayato Sakamaki, she notices that there is something off. He has no pulse! As you may have already guessed he is a vampire along with the other brothers. She meets them all in the parlour after encountering Reiji, second eldest brother after she had met Ayato. There it is explained that she is to be the bride of one of the brothers and they are not allowed to kill her. This only serves to confuse Yui as she attempts to run, she slips and falls scraping her knee and making the brothers hunger more. She runs to try and escape but to no avail. Read more of this post

Tales of Xillia – A First Look


Namco Bandai has always brought us, in my opinion good games. The Tales of Series has been one of my favourite games next to the titans of Nintendo; TLoZ and Mario. My first Tales game was Symphonia, and my brother and I fell in love with the game, with pretty fun characters, different battle for me at the time, and some new challenges that I had never been exposed to before.Moving on to this year, Tales of Xillia dropped at the beginning of this month and I have been playing it whenever I had the chance either after work or on a day off or after I finish a practice test. I cannot put down the game because I want to get all the achievements, so I guess I am a bit of an achievement hunter. At the moment, I am not too far into the game, I just completed the first Chapter in Milla’s story a few days ago, and have been on the grind to see if I could inch my way closer to being able to face off with the iconic “Devil Arms” monsters. Hard mode provides a nice challenge for that so I am trying more than usual to employ strategy to fell these foes. Read more of this post