Coppelion Episode 5

[Anime-Koi] Coppelion - 05 [h264-720p][919308EE].mkv_snapshot_16.57_[2013.10.30_20.50.09]

If I can sum up everything so far about Coppelion into one word it would have to be: bland. The progression of this show is choppy and all the plot holes just make the show that much more difficult to follow. Theres a plethora of new characters thrown in with hardly any backstory or reason that simply serve to develop the Coppelion girls’ scattered character traits. But despite all the character development, I still can’t help but feel so detached from the girls due to all the over-dramatized events.

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The NeoParadigm Podcast – Episode 1: Fall 2013 Impressions

Yeah that’s right. We have a podcast! In this episode we break down the Fall 2013 Anime season and our thoughts so far on the series we’re watching.

Also, we’re planning to make this a weekly show to kick up some healthy discussions between one another. Maybe some trash talk here and there. It’s all in good fun. Have a listen.

10/30 Waifu Wednesday

Hello again folks, and welcome to the next installment of Waifu Wednesday! This week our winner is none other than Tokiwadai’s very own Railgun, Misaka Mikoto! Clooby had this to say about Misaka,”She is a pure-bred badass. I mean, her nickname is The Railgun. She can blow shit away with the flick of a finger and than turn around to chill in a cafe with her friends. Pikachu got nothing on this lightning toting cutie.”

That’s it for this week folks, be sure to tune in next week. And be sure to check out the Bakatachi Forums if you would like to participate and see your waifu up here. Until then…

Nagi no Asukara Initial Reactions/Review

ep1 so cute

Prior to this fall season, I had already picked out the anime I planned to watch and write reviews for on The series I picked out were based on the plot overview from AniCharts and I was simply content with my selection. After seeing a clip of Nagi no Asukara displaying a fish face protruding from a girl’s knee, I picked up the first episode and was immediately impressed with the artstyle, animation, impressionable characters, and beautiful scenery. The subtle humor and cute characters brought a grin to my face. Read more of this post

Golden Time First Impressions

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Diabolik Lovers Episode 6.5

There is not much to say, as this is just a recap.

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Kill la Kill Episode 4



I finished watching this episode feeling like I had watched a filler episode that had no impact on the overall story. The difference between this episode though was that it was fittingly fast paced but even further simplified in animations. Trigger pulls an Inferno Cop with lots of still characters sliding or shaking on screen during dialogue. This was also quite the homage to Gurren Lagann where the 4th episode for that series was also a bit unfitting and differed from the rest of the series.

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Galileo Donna Episode 3


This week we learn more about the three parties involved in the search for the Galileo Tesoro. The Adnimoon/Messier party, the Galileo Sisters, and the pirate group Black Ganymede. We also learn of the girls’ mother’s fate from the previous episode and a clue to the Tesoro’s location.

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10/23 Waifu Wednesday

Yuuki Asuna

Hello again folks, and welcome to the next installment of Waifu Wednesday! (sorta…) This weeks winner is Yuuki Asuna from SAO (Sword Art Online).  Localtoast of Bakatachi who nominated her had this to say about Asuna: “Asuna is my choice for a waifu. While she isn’t that interested in video games, she has no problem maxing out the most important skill in any game: cooking. She is a lover AND a fighter, much so that she became known as “Lightning Flash” due to her incredible speed in Sword Art Online.”

That’s it for now everyone, thanks for tuning in and see you next time!

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Coppelion Episode 4

Jerking those tears

Jerking those tears

This week’s episode of Coppelion is a train wreck… So much resentment, vengeance, forgiveness, sorrow, and passion. A few too many, “emotional,” scenes trying too hard to exaggerate the character’s personality and sympathies; every 30 seconds someone has to cry. And with all this in hand, the obnoxious color overlay! This show is going directions but not in the right ones.

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