Random Ramblings: Recycling Thematic Music in Anime


Double the Database…

I have yet to finish the first season of Log Horizon. This doesn’t excuse my small concern on the reuse of the opening and the obvious budget cuts for season 2. I love MAN WITH A MISSION, but why are we to recycle the catchy theme known from the first season? Why not have a newly recorded track release with a similar feel to database? Maybe something new to mark a change in tone?   Read more of this post


The Marathon: Round 1


Oh the pain…

I’ve got a lot of anime backed up on this piece of shit computer of mine. More than enough anime. It’s always been a divided idea of mine to just marathon said collection of unwatched anime, but I had no idea where to start. Luckily enough I’ve got a good group of people to sort me out and choose at random; leaving me to the forces of good and evil. So I guess this is just a post of mine where I leave short (some not so short) reviews on each series as I remember it being. These are in no way some “in depth review” as it has been some time since the marathon itself. I planned on writing something sooner, but [insert inadequate excuse for me not to write on this blog] Anyways here we go…

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