The NeoParadigm Podcast Episode 5: 2015 Wrap-Up



First episode with Jikku. That’s right. Prepare your parietal lobes.

Guests: Kefka (Will), Lacendeus/Shifty (Robert), Jikku (Sean), and Nick (Nick)

StagCast #1: Black Maps and Shiro Bakos

crucifix does a podcast all by himself about true detective, shirobako, and eeeesports.
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The NeoParadigm Podcast Episode 4: Revival/Planetes Discussion

beep boop. we’re back! Read more of this post

The NeoParadigm Podcast – Episode 3: The 2013 Olympic Talkathon


3 men, 3 medals, and nearly 3 hours of talking.

(disclamer: we may or may not actually talk about the olympics)

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The NeoParadigm Podcast – Episode 2: Winter Season Glimpse

In this episode cloo, shifty, richard, and myself take a look at the upcoming Winter Anime Season and share our thoughts on the potential of each show.

Anichart Link:

The NeoParadigm Podcast – Episode 1: Fall 2013 Impressions

Yeah that’s right. We have a podcast! In this episode we break down the Fall 2013 Anime season and our thoughts so far on the series we’re watching.

Also, we’re planning to make this a weekly show to kick up some healthy discussions between one another. Maybe some trash talk here and there. It’s all in good fun. Have a listen.

The BakaTachi Podcast – Episode #001

It’s here ladies and gentlemen. After weeks of procrastination and insecurity about the group’s status as a whole, we’ve finally got everything going and concocted quite the podcast for you.

In our first official episode we talk about what anime we’ve been watching, what we are looking forward to watching this fall season, what we’ve been playing, the status of bakatachi, and of course the occasional babble about nothing particularly important in your world but what seemed important to us at the time. Read more of this post