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Guess I can catch up on Doctor Who too

I’ve had a growing list of anime to check out, from recommendations Cruc and other friends have given me, and similar series to ones I’ve watched that I found on MAL. I like to discuss them sometimes depending on the content of the series.

The two on my list that I’ve finished recently are Joshiraku and Kino’s Journey.

First up is Joshiraku:

Joshiraku is decidedly a great comedy series and something for anyone who is looking for Japanese humor, and a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot of puns. Did I mentions Asians like puns?

Marii Buratei – Her name is a pun on Bloody Mary.

Kigurumi Haroukitei – Her name is a pun on Hello Kitty and kigurumi.

Tetora Bouhatei - Her name is a pun on bōhatei (防波堤?, “breakwater”) and Tetrapod.

Gankyou Kuurubiyuutei – Her name is a pun on cool beauty and gankyou (眼鏡, “glasses”).

Kukuru Anrakutei - The pronunciation of her name refers to Anrakushi (安楽死?, “Euthanasia”) and kukuru (括る?, “to hang”). Her name could also be read alternatively as kurakutei kurai, which is very similar to kurakute kurai (暗くて暗い?, lit. “dark dark”). Anrakutei also sounds similar to the word unlucky. Also, the kanji in her name minus the character Tei (亭?) could be read very literally, as falling into darkness and coming of anguish.

(Pulled from wiki cuz…yea)

Joshiraku follows 5 girls who perform Rakugo, which is a comedic Japanese theatre performance.

Anyway, its pretty funny and I know I’m late to the party, but in between the jokes there are a few cultural things that are brought up that I found interesting. Given this was released in 2012 some of the context may different today, but not a whole lot. The city scenes were actually pretty interesting, giving some cultural context to areas of Japan(i.e names of certain places or well known areas of Japan recognized for certain types of commodities), as well context to the reason people claim that the Japanese Railroad system is a nightmare to navigate. However, recently I have heard that there are more English and romanized  signs to help foreigners navigate be they tourists or workers.

The opening super catchy, ending the best. I’ve joking with the idea of performing the ending theme at AX next year with the boys. I don’t know what they think of the idea.

On another note, Gankyou waifu, Marii best ass.



Booty of Enlightenment








Next is Kino’s Journey:

This left me feeling pretty introspective about my decisions and where I am going.

Kino’s Journey is pretty follows a girl named Kino who is journeying from country to country. This might sound to some like some shounen or bishoujo stuff where the hero saves the day each episode. Well it’s not, or rather its not so cut and dry. This follows Kino’s Journey through multiple countries meeting various people and experiencing different cultures. The interesting thing for this series were the questions brought up or rather situations about war, adulthood, peace, humanity, ethical procedures etc. Each episode left you with the question possibly of what you would do in Kino’s situation and what you think about the topic covered, as they are things we encounter at various points of our lives. I believe the most constant questions is just why one does what they do? Why do you watch anime, why do you like this particular thing, Why do you dislike X thing, the list goes on and on. This is something I’ve come to ask myself more and more, because I want to be sure I’m making decisions of my own volition. I am of the mind that if you do everything based on others opinions or direction you will never be satisfied, because to me if it is something that comes from you, you will be more attached and more driven to see something through. This may not always be the case, sometimes someone influential will say something that resonates with you therefore inspiring you to do something. These are all just my thoughts spilling onto the page, but I digress.

At the moment this is all I have for this post.

Next on the chopping block is Shirobako and Gundam, a lot of Gundam.

I’ll also try to get back on my Japanese posts.

I invite anyone reading to comment or critique my thoughts and such.

Below are image titles with Pixiv artist next to them. (Image title – Artist)



ガンちゃん - 吉啓

ガンちゃん – 吉啓

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