Music Mondays: Ranking the Hunter x Hunter (2011) EDs


Some of the best shounen themes out there. Let’s break down why they’re so great… Read more of this post


Music Mondays: Shocking Lemon


A band whose sound and influence marked the 00’s era of anime.
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Music Mondays: DOROHEDORO Original Soundtrack


Yes. That’s right. A manga has a soundtrack. Sick.

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Music Mondays: Dimension W

[DeadFish] Dimension W - 07 [720p][AAC].mp4_snapshot_23.27_[2016.03.07_09.34.29]

With the series finally getting into the meat and bones of it’s own plot, I think it’s time we should throw some appreciation to Dimension W’s favorable intro and ending themes.  Read more of this post

Music Mondays: Midnight Sun


A quick feature of the female artist’s 2014 album Read more of this post

Anime Music Mondays: The Human Touch

AMM Human Touch prototype

On this week’s Monday, we are tuning on one of the most underrated Gundam series, X. Followed up by one of my personal favorite Outros. The Human Touch originally performed by vocalist and singer, Warren Wiebe. Which later was translated into Japanese and performed by Re-Kiss’ Mika Okudoi. I found the lyrics of this song very soothing, romantic and deeply sentimental. I hope you guys enjoy! Read more of this post

Music Monday: BRADIO


BRADIO (“Break the Rule And Do Image On”) is a blossoming Rock/Funk band making big waves for creating probably the catchiest anime opening this year. Here’s a summary of their currently released EPs and Flyers. Read more of this post

Random Ramblings: Recycling Thematic Music in Anime


Double the Database…

I have yet to finish the first season of Log Horizon. This doesn’t excuse my small concern on the reuse of the opening and the obvious budget cuts for season 2. I love MAN WITH A MISSION, but why are we to recycle the catchy theme known from the first season? Why not have a newly recorded track release with a similar feel to database? Maybe something new to mark a change in tone?   Read more of this post

Short Blog Update/Music Monday: FMA Openings

I’m back to bring some life into this blog. I will  actually try this time I promise.  Read more of this post

Music Monday: Furby-9


Drum and Bass X Animu

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