The Marathon: Round 2


Reviewing shows I watched nearly a year ago. Oh boy…

The idea of the “Marathon” series was to make some quick conclusive reviews about shows I had recently marathoned and to combine them into one post. I made the Round 1 post like a year ago. So this is gonna be hard, but I should be able to jog my memory a bit. It’s unfortunate that all of the shows in this round aren’t in the slightest bit interesting for me to write about. 

Mawaru Penguindrum


I really really really don’t have any affinity for this show. If I were to review it, then and there after watching it, I would probably be gushing about something. Yet, ultimately have the same opinion that I have now. It’s a great show. Worth the watch? I guess so. It was good, so therefore it merits a watch right? Well, I can’t shake this feeling as if I forced myself to watch this. I had it queued from curiosity and knowing that it was directed by Ikuhara, but at the same time had friends moaning about it on twitter. It definitely was beautiful. It definitely had it’s moments. But it wasn’t memorable enough for me. Sure, I know the basic gist of what happened when and where throughout the series, but to not remember what exactly happened during certain scenes really sums up my feeling towards the “hype” generated after it aired. “Fabulous Maaaax~” and the slow 8 minute crawl one character takes through an entire hospital(?) were the most memorable scenes that I can recall. Penguindrum tries it’s hardest to be amazing in it’s climactic moments, but fall short for me.  The overall message of “fate” drowned somewhere near my larynx and I just could not care for anything I was watching when the twists came in. My general reaction to a twist: “Oh, okay….this scene is still going….it’s still going? I got the message….damn I’m bored.” Like I said, still a great show, but I think it would be better to take in doses than to overdose within a marathon. Summary: Neat premise, funny when it needs to be funny, beautiful everything, great ost, just not going to rewatch this anytime soon or ever.

(ps: do not watch the english dub for this series. Sentai Filmworks gave up and added meme/improv humor during some of the slice of life scenes. It pretty much ruins the original tone of humor it had going)

Rating: 8/10

“Shounen yo Ware ni Kaere” by Etsuko Yakushimaru & The Metro Orchestra



Blood-C is a troll. It’s a troll to anyone who loves Blood: the last vampire, a troll to it’s studio bones, a troll to your little sister, and your little sister’s future lesbian lover. It sucks to watch. This really should be common knowledge that Blood-C is bad. That’s kinda why I watched it. It was so damn hard I tell you. The 30 second fight scenes and stupid ass ending are all that this show has going for it. I’m going to try to not spoil anything here, but the ending actually excuses the previous 11 or something episodes beforehand for being so bad. That would’ve worked if those 11 episodes were tolerable. No matter how hard you try to give someone a wedgie you can’t avoid getting the shit beat out of you if you’re not a bully. I’m sorry Blood-C, you’re not a bully. You can’t just do that to your audience and expect some bullshit “Wow! You really got me show! 10/10! What a twist! I love this show nowowowowow” If you really have any interest in watching this then just look up some death scenes on youtube or find a friend to watch it with. Then, and only then, is it so bad that it’s good. Otherwise, stay away from some of the worst character development in anime ever. Summary: this show doesn’t know what genre it wants to be, it tries to fuck with you and fails, awkward Clamp character design, hilarious deaths, the most oblivious heroine ever, and will actually cause bleeding in the frontal lobe.

Rating: 3/10

At least it has this catchy opening.

Spiral by Dustz

Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini


The second season of Darker than Black started out with some mystery, a good amount of political involvement, and a lot of alcohol. By the end, it seemed to call itself pointless. This show was decent. I actually loved Suou’s character, Russia, and Hei’s drunken rage. The problem with this series is that it requires the OVA’s accompany. Which is pretty lame. Addendum, there’s almost no closure to all of the character storylines except a “shhhh it’s alright, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.” Being a cynic won’t reveal much about how disappointing/mundane this season was in comparison to it’s first. It lacks solidarity as a stand alone product and compels the viewer to sit around waiting for answers to the other subplots dancing in the background. Summary: Works as an antonym in most parts to the first season, great music, good animation, same world as before but with less exciting superpowers to explore. I know it’s hard to read a review that compares seasons so jarringly, but it was warranted. I enjoyed parts of Gemini. It was worth the watch, but make sure you don’t set the bar too high.

Rating: 6/10

“From Dusk Till Dawn” by abingdon boys school 1393776506-kreygasm

G Gundam


Most people remember talking about Gundam back in the day. How badass it looks, how much better it would be if we were high watching it, the memorable catch lines, burning fingers, how cool it all was. G Gundam was cool. It’s always been cool. In 2015? It’s pretty cool… in a corny kind of way. I think most of those thoughts and feelings were cemented in the 90’s and a time when I was more carefree. I’m not gonna lie, I fell asleep during an episode or two when marathoning this. I’m sure it was just my fault for not multitasking during a dubbed shounen series. At least it was a nostalgia trip. I mean, I was pretty fucking young when this aired on Toonami. I just saw giant fighting robots and was super hype no matter what context was put into the fight. The latter half of this show is pretty damn slow. The fights are memorable, but the incentives and dialogue suffer from cut and paste genre tropes. You’ll have new characters introduced, but have almost not time to develop them because a decisive fight between master and pupil occurs only minutes later. I won’t shave points off of Damien “Tuxedo Mask” Cashew for being so out of the world ridiculous in the final battle. He’s a main character in Mobile Fighter G Gundam. I want him to use the power of Love to judge his enemies. Plus, Rain can rock that latex power suit any day of the week for me. Summary: Good ol’ non-canon Gundam fun, doesn’t try to be anything it’s not, 49 episodes of dick measuring, wives everywhere.

Rating: 6/10

“Kimi No Naka No Eien (The Eternity in You)” by Inoue Takehide

So that’s it for Round 2 of the Marathon. Next time I come at you with a cavalcade of critically acclaimed shows. All of these reviews are listed in the order I watched them so it’s a bit unfortunate that this post had to be full of shows that have a pretty general consensus and rating for most viewers. Sorry if it bored you. I just like spewing silly short recaps onto this blog and calling them “reviews”. It’s fun being concise. Hope I didn’t over analyze anything! Cause that’s never what I want to do with these types of articles. See you in Round 3!


Round 3 will consist of: The End of Evangelion, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Serial Experiments Lain, Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (2012 OVA)

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