Rick “Cloo” Ross

They call me Cloo or Clue or Clueless. I got my alias from the days I used to play Counter-Strike back in the day. As a kid in CS I went by some variation of, “Killer,” like: Kirby Killer or Clan Killer because I attempted to single handedly shut down clans and tease them about being taken down by a 13 year old. I eventually switched to Clueless Killer and Clueless stuck since then.

I’m a half Korean and half Caucasian man-thing from Seoul, South Korea. I’ve lived there for a majority of my life which caused me to have a different outlook on life, social aspects, and other things than most of my peers that I have become acquainted with while in the US. While in Korea I became very passionate in competitive gaming, competing in tournaments for Counter-Strike, Halo, and Call of Duty. Also under the topic of competitiveness, I was the 2nd fastest competitive swimmer in the Freestyle stroke in American and International schools in the Far East for the years of 2006 and 2007 and MVP for my school for those consecutive years.

Growing up I picked up a huge passion for fine arts and music, picking up the guitar and many sketchbooks which ultimately caused me to become absorbed into anime and Japanese pop culture.

Living in Korea I had been surrounded by asian and various Japanese culture but ended up becoming a part of my daily routine while I was living in California for a year with Dragonball Z and Pokemon. I finally became hooked on anime with Fullmetal Alchemist, Chobits, and Love Hina. The FMA series still reigns as my favorite series followed closely by The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and other shows such as Steins;Gate and Love Lab. I got into anime mainly due to loving anime as a medium for storytelling. I decided to write out and share my thoughts on anime I follow ultimately leading to blogging and creating NPC.

A little bit about myself? Okay well, I’m a very forward person. I can be harshly blunt and have a knack for picking out people’s flaws. I have the mentality to make the most out of anything I do which ultimately led to trying to become a professional gamer and possibly earn a living on art and playing the guitar. This also led me to attempt to practice my writing through this blog.

A little history of NPC:

Back in 2008, Lacendeus (shiftyeyes) and myself were roommates in college attending University of Texas at Arlington. We bonded over similar interests through anime (Gurren Lagann and Code Geass) and gaming (Ragnarok Online and Smash Bros) and have kept in touch since then. In 2009, I started casting on and followed a fellow caster by the name of iMoogle who would later start up Lonely College Student and the community BakaTachi. Eventually, I convinced Shifty to join the community with me and we hopped in.

After a few months in the community, Crucifix drove down to Arlington to meet Shifty and myself and person. Eventually, after a few months, we decided to create NeoParadigm as our hub for out content.

Though we are new to blogging, and myself being quite new to interacting with communities and social settings online, we hope to stand out through innovative thinking and be a proper example of our generation that has adapted to using the internet as a tool and way of life.

I wouldn’t consider ourselves to be otakus, weeaboos, or fanatics. We are just normal people with a vision and aspirations. We love technology, video games, and using anime as a medium for storytelling. We might even claim ourselves as one of the most down-to-earth and social  gaming/aniblogging community.

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