3/26 Waifu Wednesday (VG Waifu)

birth_by_sleep__aqua_by_princesselemmiriel-d4y6vb7Aqua (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep)


After a few months of hiatus and real life priorities we’re back this week with a video game waifu that almost every Kingdom Heart Enthusiast has fantasized about: Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

This prequel takes place years before the events of Kingdom Hearts, surrounding the lives of Ventus, Terra, and Aqua while our hero Sora is still a child. Aqua, a keyblade master, is a strong female lead that is not only powerful, but also incredibly smart, caring, and beautiful. She puts her friend’s lives before her own and does everything in her power to protect them, even being sent to the Realm of Darkness to save Terra. Don’t let her soft spoken voice fool you, this girl can will mess you up.

We will continue our Waifu Wednesday posts with maybe a break here and there due to classes and work. Next week we will be taking our votes and nominating a waifu from our poll for best waifu of 2013. See you all next week and keep an eye out for our end of season reviews!

Art credit goes to princesselemmiriel!


Late Waifu Post – 2/5 Random Waifu

Komugi VacterKomugi Nakahara(SoulTaker)

This week we went with obscure anime waifu. Since Clooby is a mainstreamer, I went ahead and nominated Komugi from Soultaker.

This week I chose Komugi going back to my early roots watching anime that was new to me. To be honest Komugi for me is an innocent choice for me compared to how I look at things now. At the time Komugi was just a cute girl who happened to show up in a nurse uniform in the first episode of Soul Taker. She is medium height, has long pink hair that is braided, and she has the super cute blush marks on her cheek. She is always really upbeat and whimsical, which made her fun to watch.

Which random waifu do you all have to nominate from obscure or lesser known anime?
Next week we will continue out random themes, but regardless remember to nominate anyone you feel should be on the front page, and we can make it happen!

1/29 Waifu Wednesday (Early Winter 2014)

2014-01-24-630099Hiyori Iki (Noragami)

Don’t worry guys, we haven’t forgotten about our waifus! We’re back this Wednesday with our favorite waifu for the early Winter 2014 season. There are plenty of great nominations for this season but I took it upon myself to throw down my personal favorite

I nominate Hiyori Iki from the series Noragami. This normal high school girl drifts between the world of the living and the dead; while in her phantom form she manifests a cat-like tail as her lifeline connecting her spirit to her body including being as nimble and agile as a feline. She has this unusual obsession with masculine guys and mixed martial arts which are a plus when looking for those eccentric and cute underrated girls that everyone seems to overlook. Adorable, caring, and full of emotion; Hiyori is NPC’s early Winter 2014 Waifu for this Wednesday.

Next week for Waifu Wednesday we’re going to mix things up a bit! Just keep your eyes out for anything new we’re planning. Also, we added a poll on the sidebar for top waifu for 2013 so vote for those waifus or enter your own but don’t forget to include the title of the anime they come from! See ya next week for more glorious waifus. 

Link to waifu poll

Credit for pic goes to artist: u.u. I LOVE IT!

12/4 Waifu Wednesday (Musical Waifu)

Sawa Okita (Tari Tari)

This weeks theme as mentioned in the title is musical waifus. The aim was to pick someone from an anime whose central focus was music, whether it be an idol group or being in a band. Notable shows are, Nodame Cantible, K-On, and iDOLM@STER to name a few.  The show from which this week nomination is from is Tari Tari.

The person chosen from Tari Tari is Sawa Okita. Sawa is a super stylish affable brunette from Tari Tari. She is 17 and part of Konatsu Miyamoto’s choir club.  She was chosen this week with respect to her personality and appearance. Her personality is pretty realistic in terms of her friendliness with her peers. Her relationship with Wakana is one thing that helps to add to her realness as a person. She is usually seen wearing some stylish clothes with a western and a little European influence. This works as Japan as well as the rest of the world draws influences from other cultures. Most notable about her is her fashion, and she is in the archery club. She aspires to be a horse rider, despite her father’s disapproval.

Next weeks theme will be waifus in suits. So dust off your collection of powerful business women, and get to nominating. Post in the comments down below. Criteria for “suits:” the suits have to be western themed, meaning business or professional uniform. 

11/27 Waifu Wednesday (Robo-waifu)

Sammy (Eve no Jikan)

Welcome to this week of Waifu wednesday, as the title states the theme for this week is Robo-waifus.  There are many to mention, such a Melfina from Outlaw Star, Makoto Kusanagi (Major) from GiTS, and even Chii from Chobits. This weeks waifu however, is Sammy from Eve no Jikan.

Sammy is the House-roid (Household Android) of the Sakisaka family. She portrayed as emotionless and compliant with all the wishes of her owners as per the the Three Laws of Robotics. While she has independence that would violate Laws, she keeps her activities secret from her family as to not alarm them. This consideration for others blurs the distinction between human and artificial life.

Next weeks waifu theme will be musical waifus, if you like what you saw here, please feel free to mention any musical waifus you may know. Remember to put down the name and series. Themes are also encouraged, thanks very much and see you all next week.

11/20 Waifu Wednesday (Memorial Special)

hachikuji ripMayoi Hachikuji (Bakemonogatari Series 2009)

Sorry for the delay! This is the second waifu post this week!

This is a special Waifu Wednesday post to serve as a memorial for a special character. Bakemonogatari isn’t just a great story but has some of the most memorable characters in the history of anime/manga culture. In this week of the Fall 2013 season, many fans of the Bakemonogatari series were in an uproar at the series’ developments but I won’t get into any details to avoid any specific spoilers.

Hachikuji is a 21 year old ghost with the image of a 10 year old girl. She has incredibly cute quirks, acts like a grade schooler but talks like an adult. In an alternate timeline she would have become a pretty awesome zombie killer and that places her as a top contender for best waifu. She is possibly and indisputably a top favorite among lolicons everywhere.

Next week’s waifu theme (11/27) will be mechanical waifus! If anyone wishes to nominate a android, cyborg, or any robotic waifu please leave the name and series below! Waifu theme suggestions are also very welcome! See you all next week!

10/30 Waifu Wednesday

Hello again folks, and welcome to the next installment of Waifu Wednesday! This week our winner is none other than Tokiwadai’s very own Railgun, Misaka Mikoto! Clooby had this to say about Misaka,”She is a pure-bred badass. I mean, her nickname is The Railgun. She can blow shit away with the flick of a finger and than turn around to chill in a cafe with her friends. Pikachu got nothing on this lightning toting cutie.”

That’s it for this week folks, be sure to tune in next week. And be sure to check out the Bakatachi Forums if you would like to participate and see your waifu up here. Until then…