11/27 Waifu Wednesday (Robo-waifu)

Sammy (Eve no Jikan)

Welcome to this week of Waifu wednesday, as the title states the theme for this week is Robo-waifus.  There are many to mention, such a Melfina from Outlaw Star, Makoto Kusanagi (Major) from GiTS, and even Chii from Chobits. This weeks waifu however, is Sammy from Eve no Jikan.

Sammy is the House-roid (Household Android) of the Sakisaka family. She portrayed as emotionless and compliant with all the wishes of her owners as per the the Three Laws of Robotics. While she has independence that would violate Laws, she keeps her activities secret from her family as to not alarm them. This consideration for others blurs the distinction between human and artificial life.

Next weeks waifu theme will be musical waifus, if you like what you saw here, please feel free to mention any musical waifus you may know. Remember to put down the name and series. Themes are also encouraged, thanks very much and see you all next week.