11/20 Waifu Wednesday (Memorial Special)

hachikuji ripMayoi Hachikuji (Bakemonogatari Series 2009)

Sorry for the delay! This is the second waifu post this week!

This is a special Waifu Wednesday post to serve as a memorial for a special character. Bakemonogatari isn’t just a great story but has some of the most memorable characters in the history of anime/manga culture. In this week of the Fall 2013 season, many fans of the Bakemonogatari series were in an uproar at the series’ developments but I won’t get into any details to avoid any specific spoilers.

Hachikuji is a 21 year old ghost with the image of a 10 year old girl. She has incredibly cute quirks, acts like a grade schooler but talks like an adult. In an alternate timeline she would have become a pretty awesome zombie killer and that places her as a top contender for best waifu. She is possibly and indisputably a top favorite among lolicons everywhere.

Next week’s waifu theme (11/27) will be mechanical waifus! If anyone wishes to nominate a android, cyborg, or any robotic waifu please leave the name and series below! Waifu theme suggestions are also very welcome! See you all next week!