(Final) Noragami: Episodes 11 & 12

[Zero-Raws] Noragami - 12 END (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_13.01_[2014.04.29_17.12.47]Another amazing Bones series. 

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(Final) *NSFW* “ImoCho,” Recently, My Sister is Unusual: Episodes 11&12

The fated bathhouse episode! What will Yuuya do? Will he choose his sister or his childhood friend?! FINDOUTNEXTWEEKON
Nope, it’s over. You sickos can relax now. Don’t worry, there are plenty of wincest series out Spring season.

Series Rating: 5/10; Average.
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We’re coming back don’t worry!


We’ve all been busy with real life stuff but with spring season starting we’re gonna be adding some new anime posts. We’ve also been looking at the new Smash Bros. scene so catch our streams when we’re practicing.

ImoCho, Noragami, and Nagi posts are coming SOON and some other end of season ratings for shows we’ve been watching during the winter season. Initial ratings for spring season will follow for shows we’ll be watching this season. I’ll be picking up 2 shows for spring.

We aren’t dead, we’ve just been hibernating.

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3/26 Waifu Wednesday (VG Waifu)

birth_by_sleep__aqua_by_princesselemmiriel-d4y6vb7Aqua (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep)


After a few months of hiatus and real life priorities we’re back this week with a video game waifu that almost every Kingdom Heart Enthusiast has fantasized about: Aqua from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.

This prequel takes place years before the events of Kingdom Hearts, surrounding the lives of Ventus, Terra, and Aqua while our hero Sora is still a child. Aqua, a keyblade master, is a strong female lead that is not only powerful, but also incredibly smart, caring, and beautiful. She puts her friend’s lives before her own and does everything in her power to protect them, even being sent to the Realm of Darkness to save Terra. Don’t let her soft spoken voice fool you, this girl can will mess you up.

We will continue our Waifu Wednesday posts with maybe a break here and there due to classes and work. Next week we will be taking our votes and nominating a waifu from our poll for best waifu of 2013. See you all next week and keep an eye out for our end of season reviews!

Art credit goes to princesselemmiriel!

Nagi no Asukara: Episode 24 – “Detritus”

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 24 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.34_[2014.03.26_16.04.11]

The face of rejection… i cry evrtym

Flash Rating: Unchanged; 9/10. Closing up the series decently well. 

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Nagi no Asukara: Episode 23 – “To Whom Do These Feelings Belong”

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 23 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.01_[2014.03.18_01.08.32]Disney, eat your heart out.

Flash Rating: Up; 10/10. I didn’t REALLY like the past few episodes.. but this one really brings it back. Nothing beats a whole lot of magical.

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Noragami: Episodes 9 & 10

Flash Ratings: Up; 9/10 – Unchanged; 9/10.

This series falls under one of the top series for this season. Give it a peek.

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*NSFW* “ImoCho,” Recently, My Sister is Unusual: Episode 9 & 10

Flash Ratings: Unchanged; 6/10-6/10

It doesn’t get much better than this.

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Nagi no Asukara: Episodes 21 & 22

*Spoiler* Our favorite fish is back!

Flash Rating: Unchanged; 9/10. A bit anti climactic but I still have high hopes for an explosive finale.

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Noragami: Episodes 7 & 8

Ah. Troubled youth these days.

Flash Rating: Up; 8/10. Lots of improvements so far in the series.

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