Japanese Vocab #11 – 冬

イシス - vien@お仕事募集中

The word for today’s post will be ふゆ.

Pretty simple, a noun we’re all familar with.

is the kanji character for winter.

Example Sentence:

十二月二十一日がまる。一番好き季節から寒い天気を好き。(Lots of Kanji)

じゅうにがつにじゅういち日ひがふゆはじまる。ふうがいちばんすききせつからさむいてんきをすき。(No Kanji)

juuni gatsu nijuuichi nichi hi ga fuyu no hajimaru. fuyu ga ichiban suki kitsetsu kara samui tenki wo suki. (Romanization)

The beginning of winter is December 21. Winter is my favorite season because I like cold weather. (Original Text)

I’m going to avoid mentioning all the kanji I used here.

I will just mention the numbers and date:

10 – 十

2 – 二

1 – 一

Month – 月

Day – 日

Now you can kinda read the date in Japanese (e.g. Today’s date is – 三十日九月2015年 – 30/9/2015)


Red text is the main word for the post

Obligatory Saber art:

コンビニから帰る - 齋藤凈倉

All art credit goes to original artists. Profiles are linked below.

Scholarship Student Isis

Saber art

On another note:

Add if you like I run Lu bu Sakuya and Verdandi leads.

I have ElMelloi II as my main lead in FGO atm.

PAD ID:313,289,263

FGO ID:351,832.735

Lastly, Ive been finishing up this season’s anime and working through zeta. I’ve got Charlotte, Shirayuki, maybe GATE, and I’m on Ep 31 on Zeta. Also started watching Carnival Phantasm.

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