Japanese Vocab #10 – 住む

The vocab word for the post will be “すむ.”

It is an intransitive Godan verb. The meaning is to live(reside, inhabit, etc).

The kanji is: 住む

Example Sentence:

タンパフロリダに住んでいました。(No kanji)

タンパフロリダにすんでいました。(Kanji for すむ)

tanpa furorida ni sundeimashita. (Romanized)

I lived in Tampa, Florida. (Translation)

This is the start of me trying to do things again. This will not be a pointless endeavor, I just need to be more clear with what I expect for myself out of this. (This is more of a message to myself)

Ive gotta finish zeta gundam then get on Char’s Counter-attack and Unicorn.

About lacendeus
I watch anime and play games. I am just looking for something interesting to do in life.

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