Charlotte First Impressions: Le Douche vi Bitchtania

Douche eye

Title: Charlotte / シャーロット

Studio: P.A Works

Air Date: July 5, 2015

Genre: Scifi, Drama, School

Imagine a world, where you had super powers and no one knew about it. What would you use it for? Would you use it to be a hero for justice or would be evil and cause mayhem? Well for some, having powers is just a special gimmick to use,for their own selfish needs. 

the douche

Meet Yuu Otosuka our main character. a pretentious deceiver and appears differently on the outside than what he really is. Upon his introduction, Yuu knows he can possess anyone for a limited time and use that power for his amusement and own selfish benefits. Upon introduction, Yuu built his fame off his powers, using the possessions for cheating and manipulation. He cheated all the way to the top of his school and planned an accident to play hero to win his crush. All seems glorious in his carefree life and Yuu lives freely on a jail free card.

Everything changes when Yuu is exposed by a mysterious duo, who also happens to have powers.

This duo is immediately joins the main cast.

Douch gul

Nao Tomori, is the head of the student council at Hoshi no Umi Academy. She also have powers, her ability is she can appear invisible to one selected person. Her main objectives is to find teens like Yuu, who abuses their powers foolishly and convince them to transfer to Hoshi no Umi Academy, where they are safe from scientists that will experiment on them. Nao successful convinces Yuu through brute force and persuasion to transfer. Although she can seem mellow, she is often seen very curious and always with her camcorder.

not a douche he a bro

Joujiro Takajou, a member of Hoshi no Umi council. Although his entrance in the series is shown by brute force in a wild exploding chase after Yuu. Joujiro appears to be a friendly and gullible guy, who later becomes good friends with Yuu in his transfer. His powers the Break Neck, allows him to blast into ultra fast speeds and blowing shit everywhere. This guy is a homie right here, see dat? He get fk’d up to bring you sandwiches!

After meeting these three in the pilot episode, we find out a small minority of Japanese kids have super powers and Nao gives us a notion of a greater paranoia towards these individuals. Thus, giving her the reason to bring forth these kids to Hoshi no Umi where they be protected from the Scientist. Although in the first three episodes, it is not clear yet… The Trio are sent around on wild goose chases hunting kids with powers.

With Original Story by Jun Maeda, known for Angel Beats and Clannad, alongside with P.A works. I feel like this series have great potential. P.A works have been known to have visually stunning animation, with beautiful vivid images, nice lighting and blur. Also very intricate character designs, with lovely eyes. P.A works is venturing on the bounds of animating a series with a lot of action and explosions… Like a Michael Bay film but.. Anime


Riding the douchedouche on fire

Stupid douche

Together with Jun Maeda, I feel like viewers will be pleased to have a unique story along with great visuals.

Final thoughts,

I really enjoyed the first couple episodes of Charlotte, it was unusual for a P.A works anime. The cast is really wacky and has this definitive unique attitude. Yuu’s narcissism, Nao’s persistent curiosity and Joujiro’s nonchalant gullible attitude, forms a unique team. So far I’ve had some laughs from Yuu’s cockiness and mischievous foul play, also Joujiro is brojiro. I’ve grown to like them a bit. As suspected from Jun Maeda, to create some diverse personalities yet wacky, a bit similar to the cast of Angel Beats. Although the story just started, I’m hoping maybe a bigger picture will develop, who are these scientists and what are there agenda?


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