Non Non Biyori Repeat First Impressions: Non ya Business!

Non Non Biyori OP 001Title: Non Non Biyori Repeat

Studio: Silver Link

Air Date: July 7, 2015

Genre: Slice of Life

If you were to ask, what was my enjoyment of the first series like. I would have replied, Non Non Biyori is like chewing on watermelon under the warm sun. A bit hard to eat with all the seeds, but once you’ve feast upon the fruit, it’s all enjoyment. Add in lemonade to compliment that meal, and you’ve got Non Non Biyori Repeat.Alright that was a bullshit analogy, yeah I know it sucks.

A lot of viewers may be confused whether Repeat is a remake or sequel. Repeat consists of events prior to the first animated series and events missed out during the time frame. It’s not a retelling, more of a reintroduction to the series and adding new source material from the manga. Repeat promises to add more source material from the manga to the series, where the last season left off.

Though it’s only a few episodes in Repeat, so it’s hard to know if we are getting new episodes based of the manga’s or new material. But one thing for sure, I am pretty excited the cast is back!

vlcsnap-2015-07-16-21h20m23s166Repeat starts off with events before the first animated series, but this time from the perspective of Renge. The youngest cast member of the series, she is a outspoken and curious girl. Renge is excited receiving a red bag upon entering first grade. The episode re-introduces the other main cast, the Koshigaya sisters Komari and Natsumi. As they all say their goodbyes to Hikaru, Renge’s older sister before she leaves to Tokyo.

The first episode was a total refresh starting with Renge and her perspective before the last main character Hotaru joins the community moving from Tokyo. It’s very subtle and slow pace, as many whom watched the first season know. You have scenic elements displaying different shots of landscape art. Detailing how rural and isolated the setting is for the children and how well knit the community is.

vlcsnap-2015-07-16-21h42m25s889Second episode, we have Hotaru introduced again. Where she will be attending 5th grade along side all the village kids. All the girls are welcoming of Hotaru and Hotaru feels warmly accepted. Hotaru is timid, kind and still a bit shy, but quickly opens up to them in return. She’s already invited to play a game of ruler knocking with the kids and have a blast doing it. Afterwards she’s invited to stargazing with her fellow classmates, but unfortunately 2 of the main cast can’t make it. Hotaru and Komari establish the bond of Senpai and Kouhai.

Second episode reintroduces Hotaru in the first minute. What’s different about this episode, events are sped up and not slow paced compared to the past season. We have reintroduction, and three chapters in one episode. The pacing is faster without sacrificing cutting interaction of the cast.

Other thoughts

I’m really glad Non Non Biyori is back again, it’s one of my enjoyed Slice of shows out there. It can show how isolated rural life can be, but also how closely bonded people can be in a small community. Keep in mind this a slice of life anime and there is no linearity. It’s all about the interaction and friendships built among everyone. Everyday is new adventure to the village folk.

NNBR e02 s02Holy moly, the eldest Koshigaya sibling gets more screen time and interaction with main cast. Which was a problem in the first season, as he was the unnoticed cast member…

As to wrap things up, here are some scenic art displayed throughout the few episodes.

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