Himouto! Umaru-chan First Impressions: My Baby sister is literally a Baby

Himouto smokeweedchanTitle: Himouto! Umaru-Chan/My Two Faced Little Sister

Studio: Doga Kobo

Air Date: July 9, 2015

Genre: Comedy

As niche and over fathomed the little sister and older brother fantasy can be, Himouto! Umaru-Chan brings the whole thing into an odd adventure. How can you deal with an adorable transforming midget sister?

Upon scrolling through summer 2015 catalog, this would’ve been a title skipped. Mainly due to the concept soundly oddly familiar to another series, but after watching the first episode, I was quite interested…

HUC e01 s01The episode starts off showing an ideal teenage girl, one that is smart, cute and humble. That is our main character Umaru Doma, what all girls strive to be in her school and community. Though her life may seem perfect without any flaws outside but deep inside… she’s a closet fujoshi! Also she smokes some dank weed, Just kidding…

Her true self is a secret too everyone except her elder brother Taihei, whom she’s been living with for the past year. Tahei is her guardian and caters to all her needs. When Umaru isolated, she is the complete opposite of her glamorous idol status. She is a complete spoiled brat and Taihei has to be the one to put up with it.

Umaru's true form unleashed

Umaru’s true form unleashed

She is literally an infant, I mean look at this picture. Yes, that is her, same person of the beautiful girl above. You need dank weed to do this.

It’s funny how chibi she is drawn when at home. It reflects her true personality as being a doting child to her elder brother. She is very inpatient, demanding and times can be very manipulative towards his feelings. But at times you can see she really relies on him and probably inside, can’t express her gratitude. Taihei on the other hand is somewhat can tolerate her behavior, it may bother him to the core. But in the end, he is a big bro.

HUC e01 s03

She's pretty cute sulking in public

She’s pretty cute sulking in public

But ultimately, I think Umaru is truly lonely and is only open to Taihei as her only playmate. Probably the only reason she moved with him, because Taihei is the only compatible friend she has at the moment. As near the end of the episode, she is wanting to play video games with Taihei, but responsibilities occupies him as he needs to work for her.

Well that’s all I can describe I’ve seen from the first episode and it is too early rate the show as it just aired. Currently as this post is out, there are only two episodes. I like what I’ve seen so far, so I’m going to continue watching it. If I plan to finish it, I’ll probably do a series review. Prior to the anime airing, I have not read the original manga.

Other quick thoughts.

Throughout the opening, there were some pop. references with video games mock cameos from Pokemon, Mario Kart and Monster Hunter. It obviously appeals to current trends that Otakus/Fujoshis tend to like in Japan, also a scene shows her browsing NIcoNico and watching viral videos. So people might tend to relate to that or find it amusing. I’m not a fan of the glorifying older brother and little sister cutesy relationships, I just find it odd.

HUC OP 001

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