Owari no Seraph

AX 2015 - Mitsuba, Mikaela Yuuichiro, Shinoa (Owari no Seraph)

Just finished and I’m gonna post my thoughts.

Score: 7/10

I came into this with some apprehension, because I have a bit of a misconception that all new vampire shows are going to turn out cliche. Seraph of the End wasn’t anything amazing, but it was an interesting spin. It did not turn out to be so bad, the story is probably lacking some character development and explanation of the current situation, I was still interested enough to finish this season though.

The music was pretty good for this, both the background music and the OP/ED. Hiroyuki Sawano is a pretty awesome producer, pulling together a lot of good talent. He did a great job with Aldnoah, shame the show was subpar.

Watching the last episode, I noticed the backgrounds were a watercolor-esque. I usually never pay much attention to art or character detail, but some of the scenery struck me this time around. It was a bit of an odd juxtaposition, but maybe there is a good reason, or maybe its just budget.

I won’t go into detail about the show so as to not spoil it, but this is worth a watch, purely subjective. I wonder how things will turn out S2 in October.

Snapped that pic at AX last week. I couldn’t get good shot in the hallway, but I tried to get something.

I had my score at the top if you can find it.

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