Music Mondays: Midnight Sun


A quick feature of the female artist’s 2014 album

Aimer is pretty good. I mean, this should be self evident from her appearance on some huge anime projects recently. (Gundam Unicorn and the rework of Unlimited Blade Works) She has really surprised me with how far she can go with her vocalist position in the Japanese music market. Solo Vocalist artists have to stand out to be successful so Aimer is definitely doing something right here. She has a similarity to Hayley Williams, but I wouldn’t go to far as to call her a Jrock Queen. Her albums are filled with bittersweet sounds and a sense of tragedy. Nothing really feels all that happy, rather, it feels like an exhibition to Aimer’s performance. As if we need proof on disc as to how far she can go with her voice. This review is going to be cut short since I really don’t have many thoughts on this 2014 album. It’s really good and you should check it out. The theme is constant and Aimer does a great job of selling how damn consistent her voice can be. Not much is known personally about her, but what is known is that she is a major threat for other solo vocalists. The difference being, Aimer has come from nothing and now is topping charts out there. What’s next? Well, for Aimer, it’s an Album set to debut late July. We’ll see how much further she can go in the coming month.

Favorite songs:  RE:I AM, words, StarRingChild, When you wish upon a star

Least favorite track: Iris

Rating: 8/10

Secret Link for Secret stuff shhhh

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