Daily Japanese Vocab #6


Broke my phone, so word of the day is depressed, 気が重い.


This is an adjective. It is actually a compound of two words, if I’m correct in saying this. First we have 気(ki), which is your spirit or energy. Next is 重い(omoi) which is heavy. The connector is が(ga), a particle that is used for subjects that are not alive or inanimate objects(Its a lot more complex than that, but I will say this for now).

An entry is from jisho is:

1. depressed; bummed out; down; heavy-hearted; heavy-spirited; feeling reluctant (to do)

An example of it in a sentence is:

I am depressed because I broke my phone.

ketaidenwa wo kowaremashita kara kigaomoidesu.


Found this on safebooru, originally from karabako. All credit goes to original artist.

bork leek

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