Daily Japanese Vocabulary #1

tumblr_matfo2Gfro1qkqgkeo1_1280I’m gonna try to post more, starting with Japanese practice, because I want to work on my kanji recognition.

Because I got new glasses today we’ll start with 眼鏡.

So lets start with the kanji then break it down to the hiragana reading, then the English translation. Lastly we’ll briefly look at the kanji that make up the word:


-めがね (me-ga-ne)


The first kanji is 眼(me) which is eye and the other is 鏡(kagami)  which is mirror.

So it roughly translated to eye mirror, which make sense when you consider the physics of a lens or corrective lens in this case.


atarashii megane wa hen, demo sutairu ga suki.

My new glasses are weird, but I like the style.

I found the Newtype image a long time ago, and do not know the proper artist to give credit, I believe it is inari. If anyone can confirm or correct me please let me know.

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I watch anime and play games. I am just looking for something interesting to do in life.

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