Kanji Saturday:何 Nani the fuck is this?

Hello friends, it’s your friend Ryu aka ChocolateRobotDestroyer420

Teaching you hieroglyphics of moon speak on a weekly basis.

For tonight’s post, I will teach you the word specifically for ‘what’ in Japanese; which is なに or なん。

Pronunciation: Nah-Knee, Nan

Original Chinese Character:


To be honest, I don’t remember the history lesson or origin of this Kanji. But if you were to hypothetically ask me how the character was developed, it all started back in the late 19th century, from the well known artist Edvard Munch. His fame and fortune was tremendous known in Japan, that his painting Scream left an impressionable mark on the populace. When denizens came upon the work of the Scream, they had the thought of, “What the fuck?”


Actually I don’t know…. just something I made up. This is actually my method of remembering the Kanji 何。The figure screaming in that painting, just looks transmittable to that form and posture for 何。

Some useful sentences and expressions:

これ は 何 ですか?

Kore ha Nan Desu Ka?

What is this?

何 を しますか? Or なに を していますか?

Nani wo Shimasuka?/Nani wo Shiteimasuka?

What are you doing?/ What are you currently doing?


Ittai Nani wo Yattenda?

What the Hell are you doing?

Hope you guys had fun with the lesson and put them potty mouths to use!

Stay tune for next week, for the next lesson!~

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