Music Monday: BRADIO


BRADIO (“Break the Rule And Do Image On”) is a blossoming Rock/Funk band making big waves for creating probably the catchiest anime opening this year. Here’s a summary of their currently released EPs and Flyers.


This is pretty much your generic first EP. The sound is the same, the fun is always consistent, but there are times where it all can get a bit repetitive. I find most of BRADIO’s style to be accessible when doing something productive or playing multiplayer games. Takaaki Shingyoji’s voice shines on Golden Liar and some notes are very reminiscent of “Love Theme” from Lupin”. Although, the ending track Tonight! Tonight! falls flat on some points. It goes completely over my head what they were trying to end the EP on with a looping chorus track. Decent EP. Gives you a taste of what’s to come.

Score: 6/10

Fav Tracks: Golden Liar, 雨恋 (Rain Love)

Least Fav Tracks: Tonight! Tonight!

Swipe Times EP:

Swipe Times really shows off what BRADIO is capable of. We’ve got plenty of bass overkill and an overdose of Funk all around. The EP slides back and forth between upbeat rock and smooth funk. Overnight Superstand and Jasmine use plenty of Takaaki’s softer vocals. He also pulls off some Michael Jackson squeals. Made me laugh pretty hard but they fit really well within the style they strive for. Super solid EP. Deserves a listen to.

Score: 8/10

Fav Tracks: Overnight Superstar, Jasmine, ダイナマイト (Dynamite)

Least Fav Tracks: ハートビートを打ち鳴らせ (wringing out the heartbeat)


I don’t really want to sit around and gush about this song too long so I won’t. It’s perfect. It’s a perfect song. The style of the band fits the show, the show doesn’t even fit the song properly, but it works. It just screams some sort of power anthem for a sharp dressed man or woman. That’s really it. It’s a classic.

Score: 10/10


I hope to see more from this band. A full LP will do them a lot of good and get them on the charts pretty well. They’ve got plenty of variety and style going on. Let’s just hope the Nipponese agree with me. Sales Sell Baby!

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