The Waifu Poll winner is…

Akatsuki CoverAkatsuki from Log Horizon

You all voted, some more than others, and after a quick tabulation (Clicked Results) Akatsuki had an rather sizable lead over the other nominations.

Akatsuki is a quiet honor bound assassin who will follow her master to depths of hell if necessary. This deadly beauty also has a cute side as well as seen here and here, and definitely here. Her short stature accentuates this cuteness. For those of you reading the Log Horizon manga no spoilers.






The Runners-up are…

c01681c54a5431cbb8707587492cbe3b8e7b360aKouko Kaga from Golden Time

The goddess of the Fall 2013 season. What’s not to like about Kouko? Kouko is easily waifu material based on her stunning looks, and an erratic personality that sets her apart from the other nominees.












Misaka Mikoto from the Index Universe

Cloo’s electrically charged waifu. Pretty cute schoolgirl who can kick ass and impart enough kinetic energy to take down a satellite. Dangerous girls are the best.








Thanks to all those who participated in the poll. As we work towards our new content we will try to come up with better waifu ideas. Stay tuned and thanks for sticking with us this far.

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