Knights of Sidonia


So far, Knights of Sidonia is intriguing and thought provoking, at least for me from a scientific point of view. For those of you who have not been watching you may be wondering what it is about. If I had to compare it to anything, I would go as far to say, that Knights of Sidonia is a cross between Gundam 00 (Trailblazer) and Attack on Titan. Odds are you have seen Shingeki (AoT) as that is one of the more popular anime titles as of late. I feel Knights of Sidonia captures a similar feeling as AoT, with the helplessness of humanity on the verge of extinction as a nigh insurmountable foe stalks them across the universe.

If you enjoy grim situations, CG, or just space in general I think KoS is worth a shot.

KoS is one show along with: Haikyuu!, Baby Steps, and Isshuukan Friends. We are attempting to shake off the rust from our lengthy hiatus. Between procrastination and distractions, each of us are working to take care of things in our personal lives, but we all agree this should not allow us to neglect something we sought to create. Please bear with us as we try to get back into things, and please do not forget about us.

In other news, I am also watching Tatami Galaxy and enjoying it. Art style is great, and AKFG is awesome.

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