Wizard Barrister Case 11 & 12

Did you enjoy the show?

Did you enjoy the show?

I guess I’m back…

Flash Rating: 3; Speechless…


Case 11 – Shining Cecil

Shizumu captures Cecil. Moyo prevents Quinn’s death. Macal summons Lucifer — Moyo and Cecil begin to fuse. Moyo rejects Makusu. Shizumu stops the fusion. Makusu kills Shizumu. Makusu and Cecil fight with metamoloids. Cecil spares Makusu’s life for trial. (Borrowed from Wiki)

Case 12 – Judgment

Makusu offers to confess everything, if Cecil defends him. At trial, he blames Cecil for everything. Butterfly calls Sindaiji, who survived unknown to Makusu, and Cecil finds Grimoire 365 which turns the case in her favor. Makusu attacks everyone, and is restrained. (Borrowed from Wiki)



What is the resolution about Moyoyo? What was the Shark Barristers big plan? Why did this end so conveniently? This ending honestly made no sense and the poor court case just multiplied the failure of this show.

With all the buildup going into Episode 11, it seemed like some grand scheme would be done outside of the justice system, because once a head of the justice system is seen as corrupt, it is not all that often that using that SAME CORRUPT system would yield better results. I suppose that is one thing going for Wizard Barristers, but the way things were enacted was just poor. The inadequate description of certain technical elements allowed for some shaky ground with law, but overall this was poor execution.


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At this point, there is no needing do this any further. Wizard Barristers was terrible, do not watch this. If anyone has any points that were redeeming please post, I would like to believe this was successful on some level, but everywhere I look I see failure.

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