Mahou Sensou Episode 12: Gone from this World

MS EP12 SC11

We reached our… destination.

Flash rating: 4; Unchanged


After their battle, Takeshi returns home to see his premonition had come true. Gekkou plays the victim but reveals that his injury was not Takeshi’s fault all along. Gekkou displays Twilight to Takeshi and demands a battle. Takeshi unwillingly gives in, meanwhile Wizard Brace and the Ghost Trailers engage in battle. Takeshi and Gekkou do battle in the sky, in the midst of the action Isoshima attempts to intervene to reveal the true meaning of all the recent events, but mortally wounded her. Takeshi goes into a rage against Gekkou and suddenly wakes to find himself in the past.


Honestly, I cannot think of much too really talk about or elucidate from this episode. I am writing this review, weeks after the series finale and I have no idea to anything really. Although this sets up for maybe a more satisfactory ending to the series later on should another studio pick it up to finish it.

The false enemy motif found in other anime this season was employed here, but nothing was really explained. A little can be inferred; namely, Momoka, the Director, might actually be more of an enemy given the true intentions of Wizard Brace. There may also be something to the conversation between Ryuusenji and Violet at the end after Gekkou and Takeshi take a trip through time.

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