Golden Time Episode 24: Golden Time

GT EP24 SC14

I am a loser…

Flash Rating: 7; kinda good, kinda bad


Banri has returned home back to his life before college. Linda visits for New Year’s and Banri starts to go through his things from his year of college. He learns of his girlfriend, friends, and drama of the past year. Kouko arrives to return Banri’s DVD, during this time Kouko attempts to jog Banri’s memory, but to no avail. Kouko leaves downtrodden, and inside Banri inspects the bag Kouko gave him and his memory begins to come back. Rushing out the door Banri chases Kouko down and encounters his past self. Linda in tow reveals her true feelings and Ghost Banri finds peace. Banri and Kouko embrace and the two return to a life as a couple.


This was a very fast resolution if I can call it that. It is not entirely unrealistic for Banri’s memory to come back the way it did, but the events that happened afterward were…unnecessary. I suppose there was some symbolic representation in Linda emotional confession to Ghost Banri. Rather than display the scene with just Banri and Linda, maybe this was done to leave more of an impact on the viewer. It was impactful, in both a romantic sense, and a confusing sense. It is more that this was expected, but not in this way. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the ending.

I would like to pose this question to the readers:

Would you have preferred a less romantic ending with Banri and Kouko not reuniting in this way?

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