(Final) Noragami: Episodes 11 & 12

[Zero-Raws] Noragami - 12 END (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC).mp4_snapshot_13.01_[2014.04.29_17.12.47]Another amazing Bones series. 

Rating: 8/10. Recommended watch!

Episode 11

Hiyori’s memories of Yato have been completely stripped from her while she retains memories of everyone else. Yato’s attempts to recover Hiyori’s memories prove futile when Nora admits to to have sealed Hiyori’s memories. Yato decides it must be best to cut ties with Hiyori to keep her from danger and away from the spirit world. Yukine makes an attempt to help her remember with a picture book Yato drew, when Nora also pulls away memories of Yukine as well. Both Yato and Yukine become determined to retrieve Hiyori’s lost memories and rekindle their friendship.


Episode 12

The battle begins between Yato and Rabo. Hiyori somehow manages to split to her phantom form and follow Yato into the heat of battle. Rabo turns his attention to Hiyori, believing that she is the purpose that Yato has become more humane. In doing so, the sphere containing Hiyori’s memories is shattered. With Yato near his breaking point, he goes all out and somehow puts Hiyori in danger’s path. Upon protecting Hiyori, her memories mysteriously return just as she is taken hostage by Rabo. Yato and Yukine manage to release a huge strike that slays Rabo. The series concludes with Hiyori refusing to cut ties with Yato and Yukine.



How bitter sweet yet anticlimactic. Nora’s obsession with Yato is unusual and warrants some more in depth back story so here’s to hoping for a second season.

I’m sure the manga continues from this point and probably defines Rabo much better then our impressions so far. He shows up from a curse to kill Yato? But what and how did he suddenly show up for and from and was it really just in spite of Yato having gained a bit of humanity? I’m not sure what the overall conflict is from the manga but the drive to save Hiyori’s memories of their friendship was very compelling and drove up my affection towards this series.


Final Thoughts

This show is amazing. It had a slow start and I honestly didn’t see much coming from this but I was pleasantly surprised. Yato is a bit of a downside to the story being that he feels like a typical shounen type protagonist but what makes him unique is his interactions between himself and everyone else. Hiyori and Yukine take the cake in the series and really sell it on increasing the entertainment value. Here I was honestly expecting a Bleach or Naruto style plot where the world is constantly in danger by increasingly stronger antagonists but this wasn’t even the case! It didn’t even take the trope of having a damsel in distress except at the end when Hiyori becomes the target of spite. It just centered around the friendship of three unusual people and how they truly care for each other regardless of any romance sprinkled into the fray.

Great story, great characters, great sound, and I never felt that the pacing left anything to be desired. Definitely recommend to anyone.

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Overall: 8/10. Great!

Story – 8/10

Great! Initially I felt that Noragami was too much of a mix of recent anime plot but I was surprised how this plot strongly revolved around our three protagonists without including a conflict like the entire world being in danger or anything generically ultimate.


Characters – 9/10

Amazing! I absolutely loved the characters in the series. Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori are so well defined with quirks and interests that weren’t exaggerated and each of them stay very consistent throughout the series. I got a generic vibe from Yato when the series first began but he really grew on me through his interactions with Yukine and Hiyori. Let’s not forget the supporting characters either, each had their involvements and no one felt negligible.


Sound/Music – 9/10

Amazing! The OST, OP, and ED were all amazing. Goya no Machiawase and Heart Realize are both on the top of my lists for best OP and ED for the season. The soundtrack? Great, though the reuse of the songs was clearly recurring and there aren’t that many tracks that were used, they did their job in adding that extra bit of spice to the scenes.


Art Style – 7/10

Good. Simple, not over the top. I don’t know why but I seem to prefer this style of shounen art style.


Animation – 8/10

Great! Every fight was really well done. Overall I never felt that any scene in particular looked poorly done. I would mention the scenes where Yato endows Sekki with power but even that was nicely done.


Originality – 8/10

I have to admit, the first two episodes had me screaming, “cliche” but after the themes became more pronounced, I was hooked. Definitely falls under the shounen category but I was thoroughly impressed on how fresh the series felt.


Enjoyability – 9/10

Every episode left me waiting for the next week. The series ended nicely with that possibility of continuing. The plot had a main conflict, and at the end that main conflict was resolved despite leaving a few characters with very little screen time. Emotional and enjoyable. Recommended watch.


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