Nagi no Asukara: Episode 24 – “Detritus”

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The face of rejection… i cry evrtym

Flash Rating: Unchanged; 9/10. Closing up the series decently well. 

After Tsumugu’s confession, Chisaki tries to deny the feelings she has because Hikari is back. Manaka realizes she has no concept of love and feels troubled, and in order to hopefully return her feelings Tsumugu requests Uroko to curse him and in return he will allow them to hold another Ofunehiki.


Whew everything is getting super dramatic and there won’t be any holding back for the last two episodes. Everyone is getting their feelings out there so how can you not feel that some huge twist is incoming. This seems a typical closing for a romance drama where all the loose ends are tied up and a huge twist pops out to blow your expectations sky high while leaving you feeling either empty or magically empowered. Either one of the two are possible at this point: either someone gets cancer and dies, or someone gets sick and dies, or someone gets sacrificed and dies, or everyone ends up with someone and no one dies. Oh this isn’t a Korean Drama.

I’d like to start off by pointing out what has been bugging me in this episode and a few of the recent ones that have passed. Everyone is under the impression that Manaka loves Tsumugu when body language and actions point out that this is highly unlikely. Of course, they are kids and as the viewers we get a much broader perspective so it is difficult for us not to mistaken who experiences what in the series based on the character’s perspective. Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t take away from the good experience of the show, it just gets a bit confusing and frustrating that a character like Hikari or Chisaki are so adamant on trying to understand Manaka though it’s pretty obvious to us.

Any how… Manaka finally comes to the realization that she cannot feel love or have any recollections or moments where she was in love or felt awe inspired by another person. What you can notice is that every time she delves into thought over a person or just the concept of love, she hears the sound of the ocean. She clearly has a connection with the emotions she had left behind as Ojoshi and where there is emptiness in her heart, she connects to her lost feelings. On the opposite end of that spectrum, there is Tsumugu. He has always been the person who understood everyone’s feelings just be observation so it also isn’t surprising when he mentions that he could feel Manaka’s emotions floating around in the ocean. It still seems a bit farfetched, but it really just fits his character. Being endowed with Ena had simply allowed Tsumugu to be more in tune with the sea, while Manaka losing her Ena took away more than just her ability to breathe underwater.

What is love~?

What is love~?

I’m a bit confused as to why everyone had become so eager to help out with this Ofunehiki. An entire city had gone into hibernation and only 3 children had emerged 5 years later. Doesn’t that just scream disaster? Tsumugu had brought the idea up on a whim that it would help bring back Manaka’s feelings but doing it all for one girl and the fact that only a handful of people even know that Manaka has no concept of love anymore just doesn’t make sense. Chisaki’s emotional state and her eagerness to fill in the spot for Ojoshi is just another variable that supports a disastrous conclusion to the series.

Chisaki being a loose nail at this point is a bit disheartening. We saw it coming: Chisaki and Tsumugu romance was inevitable but this girl is still stuck on this 14 year old boy. Now what would happen if Chisaki disappeared for 5 years and came back when Hikari is her age? Crazy girl thoughts. Either she wants to become the same age or she is totally distraught that Hikari is still in love with Manaka and nothing is going to change that. She still love Tsumugu, but for whatever reason she is stuck in the past with endless thoughts of regret. I don’t think we’ll ever get a full understanding of Chisaki.

It seems that everyone at least has somebody in this series. (Well… for the exception of Miuna; let’s just pray she doesn’t become Ojoshi like that OP scene shows…) Sayu finally comes out and confesses to Kaname, and it is GLORIOUS. Kaname pulls out his pride and ego and lets Sayu put him in a chokehold. It’s pretty much a love story right there. Sayu had been waiting for Kaname, while Kaname was afraid no one was waiting for him. I’m at least glad that we got some happy closure before the end.

Hikari and Manaka, Chisaki and Tsumugu, Sayu and Kaname, leaving Miuna out. There is Akira but that poor boy ain’t ever gonna get over that abysmal rejection.


That Ofunehiki spells disaster.


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