Golden Time Episode 22 & 23

Banri ded, GT is over

Let us be sad together…

Flash Rating: 8; Unchanged


Episode 22: Paradise Lost

Kouko breaks up with Banri, and treats things like normal. Banri cannot understand what happens and lashes out at Kouko in the Festival clubroom spilling everything he has on his heart with Mitsuo in the room as well. Chinami reveals that Kouko saw what Banri had recorded and Banri then understands Kouko’s thought process. He then chases after her.

Episode 23: Last Smile

Banri and Kouko make up, and come to a mutual agreement. Preparations for the next festival begin, all while Banri is slowly losing his recent memory. 2D plans to make one last memory before everything is over, but Banri has an episode and misses it. Finally, on the day of the festivities Banri is able to make it through the day without much problem. It is also on that day that he forgets everything and resets in a sense.


With the build up to now, I feel I understand the opening theme ending a little, at least the moment where Banri sits next to Kouko. Although it seems this scene may not be recreated. With Banri slowly losing his memory, his statement about the death of former “selves” or memories has an opposite interpretation. The moments of the past that have “died,” on the contrary live on in the people who are around us. The past can never be simply forgotten, because there are always reminders of something that happened in the past, giving us that feeling of déjà vu. If you have another viewpoint on this topic please feel free to make a comment below.

Nana’s little speech came out of nowhere. In some ways, it was arbitrary, as she never really contributed anything deep to the story on the other hand, sometimes side characters can have some thought provoking exchanges with the main characters.

When is Chinami going to let Mitsuo know how she feels? Will Mitsuo get with Linda? What is Kouko going to do now?


Tear-jerking ending…

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