Wizard Barristers Case 9 & 10


Apologies for the late posts.

Flash Rating: Things just ratcheted up; 4 Unchanged  


Case 9: Secret Puzzle

After their brush with death, the Butterfly Barristers return to Japan. Cecil begins to dig into her mother’s trial with suspicions of corruption looming. Shizumu elects to help Cecil find closure in order to gain her trust. Just as Shizumu is about to capture Cecil, Sameoka grabs Cecil attempting to explain on the way.

Case 10: Imposter

Sameoka tries to explain all the events surrounding Cecil in the recent past are an attempt to awaken her dormant magic to make her a sacrifice for the summoning of Lucifer. This only serves to confuse Cecil and before she can react, Moyo saves her. Sameoka is arrested on fraudulent charges, the Shark Law offices are searched, the Benmashi arrested. However, Kiba escapes and later rendezvouses with Cecil to inform her of a plan to bring everything to light and stop the Macal’s plan. He also warns her to be wary of Moyo.


We are getting to the end and we finally have a better idea of what is going on, almost everyone’s plans, and their allegiances. The revival of Lucifer is all too reminiscent of Bible Black, although through different means. I do not have anything to say on the use of “human eradication by wizards,” because I have no idea what would make a good story. The one thing I can say is this plot repeatedly surfaces, albeit in different ways. The overall effect however still seems to be the same.

It seems that Sameoka may have some connection to Cecil from her past, potentially being the boy she once liked. The explanation of the Shark Knights being Cecil’s protectors sours things a little, but regardless it was not a terrible option. I would just like to know how and why they know so much about Cecil and the Macal’s plot. I doubt they are the only Labone wizards that know, so could something not have been done sooner, or does the Macal leader being the Chief Justice complicate their efforts?

The only person we are unsure of at the moment is Moyo. It seems she sides with the Macal, but still has her own agenda when it comes to Cecil’s safety. Another thing that can be discerned clearly is Moyo possess some powerful magic and varying abilities.


Hopefully next episode we get a good explanation on everything, 2 more to go.

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