Mahou Sensou Episode 10 & 11


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Flash Rating: Don’t really know how to rate this…; 4 or 5 


Episode 10: Vanishing Boundaries

After Kurumi is abducted, Mui arrives to find an unconscious Takeshi, and Violent standing over him. A battle ensues and Calemot wizards arrive to keep Mui from harm. Takeshi, Ida, and Mui reconvene at the Camelot HQ, which happens to be a Hospital in the normal realm. Elsewhere Wazushi kill the Wiseman responsible for the Gift, and chaos breaks out. Takeshi goes home to continue recovery, his mother is then met with Camelot wizards asking for her assistance in the recent eruption of turmoil. When Takeshi makes known his intentions, his mother elects to help Takeshi become stronger for the purpose of rescuing Isoshima.

Episode 11: The Battle of Pendragon

Takeshi’s training continues, and he learns new abilities. Isoshima attempts to escape with the help of Horatu and Takao, but loses her way in the Pendragon Castle after being separated from the others and meets Ryuusenji. Takeshi, Ida and Mui decide to go rescue Isoshima using the trinket that Takao gave Isoshima, during the exchange mission a while back. The trio meet Takao and Hotaru and have a short battle emerging victorious. They continue to search for Isoshima in the Trailers’ stronghold.


The biggest thing here is Takeshi’s mother’s sudden change of heart. After all this time, she suddenly decides to help her son, although his mission is brazenly foolish.  This is hardly convincing, and makes the training seem even less believable. Although this is better than some form of training that randomly puts Takeshi on equal footing with the likes of Ryuusenji. His magic type seems to make up for the lack of power with just foresight, and an ability to react, which would mean a little training could still produce great results in execution (in theory).

Ida and Mui all the while have been watching Takeshi and not training themselves, so would the not be a liability? Mui may have been much more proficient, so training for her may not have been as important, but Ida, who had so much trouble containing his ability, seems to be the greatest liability. It seems however, that he has learned something as well during Takeshi’s training montage.

Another startling problem is the fact that the normal realm has become a battleground. While there maybe or may not be a barrier around the hospital, what steps are being taken to prevent further destruction. Not much about this is mention.

The more we delve into the magic of Mahou Sensou the more the seems to “borrow,” things from Harry Potter, or maybe this is from something even older. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but the staircase, is almost too much at this point. I would also like to say I found it amusing that they have a spell to fly like Peter Pan.

At the end of the last episode it seems that Takeshi’s narration foreshadows Isoshima’s brainwashing. Which may mean some interesting events for next episode. We’ll have to wait until next week to find out.


Oh my gosh, you work for the bad guys now?!

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