[Video] Music Monday/Anime Review: Kara no Kyoukai

I made a video review. This blog just got a bit cooler right? Just a little?

Video Transcript:

“Wow. A video? Why aren’t you doing a normal text post crucifix? Why do I have to listen to your stupid voice blabber on about a show and not stare at a screen reading your thoughts so I can interpret them differently than what you are actually thinking? Why crucifix? Why? Ha, well I’m in a talking mood so let’s just get down to business and finish this review.

So over the past week I had the opportunity to marathon the entire kara no kyoukai movie/ova series with my two other good pals cloo and shifty and I have to say that this series is top notch and was not what I was expecting. Kara no Kyoukai is a series of (currently) 9 movies that follow the life and mysteries of the main protagonist Ryougi Shiki. Shiki possesses some neat powers passed down through her bloodline that enable her to see an opportune way to kill someone. By cutting. She cuts stuff. With these powers she is joined by her partner in super sleuthing and love interest Kokutou Mikiya, along with their boss lady Aozaki Touko. That’s all I can really mention about this series plot wise as it really drags into what the viewer should experience when watching it. Let’s just say that it’s a very intriguing and thought provocative series that loves to jump around time periods keeping the audience guessing as to what the fuck is actually going on. Hey, that’s right up my alley you know?

Now despite what I just said, this is in no way too confusing to watch or long to endure. The series is done masterfully with excellent direction from the staff over at ufotable and an amazing structure from the original Type-Moon visual novel. (creators of the Fate series, tsukihime, and other notable works you probably already know about) Kyoukai really knows how to engage it’s strong points with a mix of impeccable mystery scenarios, eye candy fight scenes, and loaded dialogue that requires a bit of attention and intrigue to get into but isn’t too keen to come off as overly symbolic or smarter than it actually is. These movies are vague, but in a way where the mysteries really hit hard as you the viewer are also attempting to piece together the puzzle along with the main cast. It helps give off a nice “AWWW SHIT” feeling whenever you figure things out.  The structure as movies individually is also very strong. There are some movies you’ll enjoy more than others yet they all stand alone just fine and between each episode I came to understand the overlying plot and character development.  It wasn’t too much though to distract me from the importance of one time characters of a sub plot. Such as my favorite sub plot in movie number 5: paradox spiral. Also, it helps that most movies aren’t chronologically following one another making it not really the main focus when watching. The focus is on the movie at hand and that’s it. I don’t want to keep talking about this. Since I rated these movies separately and not as a whole, I’ll just keep my review to this. Go watch these movies. They’re pretty damn enjoyable.

Now don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the soundtrack. This was the real reason I wanted to make this video. Kara no Kyoukai’s music stands out so much I decided to dedicate sharing why I enjoyed every last bit of it. The music composition is done by none other than Yuki Kajiura, the former member of pop group see-saw and more recently Kalafina. She’s done music for notable series such as gundam seed, the .hack series, the madoka magica series, of course fate/zero, and oh look the baccano ed as well! With each movie some themes are carried over but with movies such as Oblivion Recording the tone and style is  different, but retains much of it’s roots during battle scenes.  Connectivity with the dialogue and visuals strengthen the movies and often gave me chills when combined. I honestly couldn’t handle how insanely cool it sounded and looked as sometimes it feels as if the music is nearly incorporated with certain visuals. Like hair movements or spell stuff. The orchestral feel, guitar riffs, and upbeat electronic influence make this soundtrack stand out so far beyond other compositions this day and age. If you don’t really feel like giving any of the movies a shot, then at least try out this amazing soundtrack. I doubt you’ll leave disappointed.”

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