Nagi no Asukara: Episode 23 – “To Whom Do These Feelings Belong”

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 23 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.01_[2014.03.18_01.08.32]Disney, eat your heart out.

Flash Rating: Up; 10/10. I didn’t REALLY like the past few episodes.. but this one really brings it back. Nothing beats a whole lot of magical.

Everyone soon finds out the secret of Manaka’s missing heart to love and have a discussion over how to help her get it back. Though, Kaname and Chisaki seem reluctant to help, Hikari puts all of his effort into helping Manaka. As the day winds down, Sayu decides to ask out Kaname, Hikari confronts Tsumugu to pretend he loves Manaka, Chisaki learns of Tsumugu’s love for her, and in a sudden moment, Tsumugu earns Ena.



This episode mainly consists of conversations between the Oshiooshi residents, but based on how everyone’s love interests are concerned, things take a step towards the conclusion of the show. With Sayu finally deciding to approach Kaname and Chisaki discovering Tsumugu’s love towards her, we’re bound to have a whole heap of tears, smiles, and pain.

Manaka seems troubled in this episode like she wishes she could appreciate Hikari’s help but she is left more confused, and where there is a usual reaction where she would feel flattered or flustered, she simply gets confused. Especially with the red slug’s pearl, she feels like she should be remembering more pertaining to it but just feels even more empty. The major scene, I feel, is where she can hear the sounds of waves in the back of her head, and we were told by Uroko that her emotion of love had been left behind in the sea along with her Ena. She could still be connected to her emotions left in the sea considering how her Ena is floating around freely and interacting with people she is familiar with.

Based on Tsumugu obtaining Ena, I’m certain that not only does Manaka’s Ena approach and effect those she knows, but that it also reacts to their love towards someone else. Both Miuna and Tsumugu were close to their love interest at the moment they were able to obtain Ena. Tsumugu had already been a target of Uroko based on his curse (which is still a mystery to me) while Miuna was a target after obtaining hers.

[HorribleSubs] Nagi no Asukara - 23 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.33_[2014.03.18_01.27.23]

That look of pure joy. Especially coming from Tsumugu.

Love is thrown around a lot this series. How love affects others and makes them selfless is the norm. Hikari always takes Manaka’s perspective and puts her feelings before his own, and even Sayu expresses that her love towards Kaname was the reason she continued to be extremely successful in her studies. Don’t forget Tsumugu always shouldering Chisaki’s burden even bein aware that she is still in love with Hikari. Even the opposite when Kaname and Chisaki express that maybe not being in love with someone would save a lot of pain, both of them referring to Manaka’s lost ability to love in regards to Hikari as well.

By the way, how can a girl not fall back in love with Tsumugu after a confession like that. Dude defies all logic and gains Ena, and chases after you into your home town. Panties would be wet if they weren’t soaked already.



Tons of confessions incoming. Tsumugu, Kaname, Sayu, and probably Hikari are gonna just mass confess. Not too sure what little Miuna is going to do. I don’t think Manaka is ready to obtain her emotoins back just so soon.

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